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STEM focused

School-Ready Program

Give your child the ultimate head start | For ages 4-5

Is your child ready to make an easy and successful transition into school?

While many parents think of academics as the important school readiness skills (e.g. writing their name, counting, knowing colours), school readiness actually refers to a much broader range of skills... Problem solving, critical thinking and resilience.
Without these skills, children can very quickly find themselves playing ‘catch up’ compared to their peers that are advancing more quickly.

Screen-Free Robotics & Coding Fun!

School Readiness Program - Fun & Hands-on!


Curriculum focused on building critical life skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking and resilience.


As well as STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths), we explore music, animals, senses, art, shapes and life-cycles.


Students will have the opportunity to work solo, in pairs and as a group, building vital social skills.

School Readiness for 21st Century Students

One hour a week for 8 weeks

  • 8-Week Program 

  • 1-Hour Class, run weekly

  • Class

    Programs run during school terms

  • Small class size (limited to 8 students)

  • Experienced, nurturing educators

  • Accredited Programs 

Why STEM Education?

STEM Education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.
Our School Readiness Program is focused on this integrated approach to help kids develop 21st century skills.


Nurturing Confidence and Curiosity in STEM with our School Readiness Program

Helping children start school confidently... With the right skills!


Boost problem solving & critical thinking


Develop resilience, confidence& self-esteem

Inquiry-based, hands-on Learning

Prepare your child for school and beyond.

Early Bird Offer Ends SoonGET $150 OFF our 8 week programUse Coupon Code: SCHOOLREADY1

Why Coding? 

Coding is one of the best activities a child can do to boost Problem-solving and critical thinking! But why does this matter?Problem-solving and critical thinking are among the most crucial skills a child can learn. They provide children with the foundations for decision making, logical reasoning, categorising, analytical thinking, negotiation and creativity.


Coding Education in School

✓ Requires computer and software✓ Requires reading experience


Coding Education in Early Learning

✓ Screen-free learning
✓ Does not require reading experience

Term-3 Early Bird Offer Save $150


Early Bird price $249 - Regular Price $399 (8-week program)

Use Coupon Code: SCHOOLREADY1

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"Screen-Free Robotics and Coding: A School Readiness Game Changer"

Jeff Hughes - Founder & CEO

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