Skill Samurai Students showing PM Christopher Luxon a Robotic Simulation

New Zealand PM Praises Skill Samurai's Transformative Education Programs

Botany Downs, Auckland, NZ. May 24, 2024 – Skill Samurai, a leader in enrichment education, proudly welcomed New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon to officially open its second learning centre in Botany Downs. This significant event marks a pivotal step in Skill Samurai's ambitious plan to establish 25 additional centres across New Zealand over the next three years.
During his visit, Prime Minister Luxon praised Skill Samurai's innovative approach to education, particularly highlighting their unique MathCode tuition program. "It's amazing what you guys are going to go off and do with what you learn here at Skill Samurai... It's pretty awesome. And of course, we want you to learn lots about maths and robotics so that you actually get those really good, cool jobs down the road. So that's what it's all about," said Mr Luxon when addressing students at the opening. 

The Prime Minister engaged with 16 students who were demonstrating their robotics projects, including a robot simulating the Mars Rover Mission. The students programmed the robot to perform specific tasks using drive motors, sensors, and an electromagnet. Mr Luxon emphasised the broader impact of such skills, noting, "When students learn to code, they are learning much more than valuable job skills; they are developing problem-solving, innovation, resilience, creativity, and teamwork... These are the skills needed to build a prosperous New Zealand."
Skill Samurai's CEO, Jamie Buttigieg, expressed his delight at the Prime Minister's genuine interest in the students' projects. "The PM was scheduled to leave after the speeches, but he returned to the classroom to engage further with the students. It showed the genuine passion he has for education and the future of New Zealand. It's clear there is tremendous determination to make meaningful changes in NZ education."
Prime Minister Luxon underscored the importance of foundational education, stating, "We've got to get our kids into school and we've got to teach them the basics really well, which is where you guys can set up like these fine young people and have a great future." He also acknowledged the role of Skill Samurai in inspiring and educating the next generation, "Congratulations to you guys on what you've built as a business. It's so important, and it's awesome to see great young people getting involved and inspiring this new generation as well. So thank you for what you're doing."

Skill Samurai stands out with its project-based learning approach, catering to mixed ages and abilities. Students receive highly individualised attention, allowing gifted students to advance without being held back and providing additional support to those who need it. This inclusive environment fosters exploration and growth for all students.
Skill Samurai's MathCode program (Exclusive Maths Tuition system) uses adaptive learning to deliver personalised lessons and practice based on each student's skills and gaps. "Teaching a single lesson to a group of students has its limitations. Imagine a classroom where every student is receiving personalised lessons and practice tailored to their needs. That's Skill Samurai," said Jamie Buttigieg. "When students reach year 7, there can be skill gaps of up to five years. It’s getting harder for school teachers. This challenge isn't limited to New Zealand; it's happening all over the world."
Skill Samurai's innovative educational approaches are set to make a lasting impact on students' lives, equipping them with the skills necessary for future success. As Prime Minister Luxon aptly stated while addressing a group of students, "I hope you know you're really lucky to be able to come to a place like this where you're learning all these special skills. It's going to serve you really well for your future."
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Skill Samurai - Coding, Maths & STEM Academy is a leading enrichment education provider dedicated to empowering children with essential coding and STEM skills. With a range of offerings, including after-school coding classes, MathCode Mastery, school holiday camps, and more, Skill Samurai is at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of innovators and thinkers.
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