Why Minecraft: Education Edition is a Game-Changer for Kids in Auckland

Why Minecraft: Education Edition is a Game-Changer for Kids in Auckland

Minecraft has captured the hearts of children worldwide with its fun and entertaining gameplay. But did you know that Minecraft: Education Edition can also stimulate your child's intellect and creativity? This unique version of the popular game is designed to teach coding, problem-solving, and STEM subjects. Let's explore how Minecraft: Education Edition can be a valuable educational tool for kids in Auckland.

Minecraft vs. Minecraft: Education Edition: What's the Difference?

Minecraft offers a variety of exciting games and mods that your child likely enjoys. These games help children learn problem-solving techniques and creativity. However, Minecraft: Education Edition takes this a step further by focusing specifically on educational content. This version maintains the familiar Minecraft environment but incorporates lessons and activities designed to teach coding, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

Minecraft: Education Edition is an educational platform that builds on the popular game Minecraft. While the traditional game focuses on exploration and creativity, the Education Edition emphasises learning through play. It provides project-based learning experiences that are both fun and educational. This platform is particularly effective for teaching coding for kids in Auckland, offering colourful and engaging screen features that captivate young minds.

Why Your Child Should Try Minecraft: Education Edition

If you want your child to turn their screen time into a productive learning experience, Minecraft: Education Edition is an excellent choice. Instead of playing non-educational games, this platform allows your child to develop coding skills and enhance their understanding of STEM subjects. These skills are crucial for academic success and future careers. Moreover, the game promotes problem-solving and independent thinking, helping your child become more self-sufficient and creative.

Key Features of Minecraft: Education Edition

  1. Immersive STEM Learning: Kids can sharpen their 21st-century skills, preparing them for school projects and tasks at home.
  2. Classroom-Friendly Features: The game encourages collaboration with classmates and teachers, providing an inductive learning experience.
  3. Creativity and Innovation: Children can design, create, and develop their own games, enhancing their creative and innovative skills. The platform also supports storytelling, exploration, and digital learning.

How to Access Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is available for free for a limited number of log-ins, with options to purchase a paid license for unlimited access. It can be downloaded on various platforms, including Chromebooks, Mac, iOS, and Windows. Users can log in using their Microsoft or Google accounts. To play, simply download the game, log in, and start exploring the educational worlds designed for learning and fun.

Getting Started with Minecraft: Education Edition

  1. Download and Launch: Download the game on your device, log in, and navigate to the main menu to start playing.
  2. Explore the Worlds: Choose from a list of educational worlds and follow the on-screen instructions to begin your learning journey.
  3. Use Keyboard Controls: Familiarise yourself with the keyboard controls to move around and interact with the game environment.

Here are some of the controls you can do using your keyboard.

W - move forward

S - move backward

A - turn left

D - turn right

Ctrl - sprint

Space - jump

Space + W - hop to the block

Space (while swimming) - hop to the surface / breathe

Space (in Creative mode) - fly; twice spaces to drop to the ground

Shift - crouch down or sneak

Shift (while flying) - fly downwards

Esc - goes back to the menu or back to the game

Q - drop materials or items you are carrying

E - open and close inventory

E (in Creative mode) - building blocks

C - check the Code Builder

T - open the chat window, followed by Return to send message

F1 - toggle the interface visibility or taking a screenshot

F5 - alter the user’s perspective

Here are some of the controls you can do using your mouse.

1 - attack the enemy or destroy items

2 - pick blocks or items

3 - use the item or place the block

You may use these keys to guide you whilst exploring Minecraft: Education Edition.

Enhancing Learning with Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is not just a game; it's a powerful educational tool. It has been integrated into curriculums in over 115 countries, demonstrating its effectiveness in teaching coding and other skills. Schools in Auckland can benefit from incorporating this game into their learning programs, making education more engaging and interactive for students.

Safety and Screen Time

While Minecraft: Education Edition is an excellent educational tool, it's important to manage your child's screen time. Ensure they are using their devices in a safe environment and monitor their activities to prevent gadget addiction. Balance their gaming with other educational and physical activities to promote a well-rounded development.

Coding for Kids in Auckland with Skill Samurai

For parents looking to further enhance their child's coding skills, Skill Samurai offers coding and STEM classes for kids in Auckland. These classes provide hands-on learning experiences with popular games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Scratch. Children aged 7 to 18 can participate in after-school programs that teach valuable skills in a fun and engaging way.

Enrol Your Child Today

By focusing on engaging and educational content like Minecraft: Education Edition, you can help your child develop essential skills and a love for learning. Whether through home play or organised classes, there are many ways to make coding and STEM subjects exciting for kids in Auckland.

If you want your child to excel in coding and STEM subjects, consider enrolling them in Skill Samurai's coding school. These classes offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn and grow while having fun. Sign up today and give your child the tools they need for a successful future.

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