Top Game Makers for Kids

Top Game Makers for Kids

If your child loves playing games, they will likely enjoy creating them too! At Skill Samurai, we offer a range of programs to help kids dive into the exciting world of game design and coding. Whether they are interested in creating fun items, editing existing games, or designing entire platforms, there is something for every young game enthusiast. Here are some top game-making platforms your child can explore.

Create Fun Stuff

Blox 3D Junior

  1. Age: 5+
  2. Description: Blox 3D Junior is a modelling toy where kids can create, destroy, and animate pixelated 3D items. It helps children familiarise themselves with colours, designs, and shapes by allowing them to build and break objects using simple touch controls.

Lego Worlds

  1. Age: 10+
  2. Description: Perfect for Lego fans, Lego Worlds brings the fun of physical Lego into the digital realm. Kids can construct anything in a virtual space, from exciting stories to thrilling adventures, using a variety of Lego bricks and blocks.

3-D Dot Game Heroes

  1. Age: 10+
  2. Description: This game offers pixelated characters and wacky heroes in a classic adventure setting. Kids can design and upload their creations, enjoying the humour and features reminiscent of Nintendo games.

Edit Existing Games

Toca Builders

  1. Age: 6+
  2. Description: Toca Builders is a sandbox-style game that prepares kids for Minecraft. They can build new game worlds with characters assigned different jobs, fostering creativity and design skills.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

  1. Age: 7+
  2. Description: Kids can create their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom, honing their skills in creating levels and Mario Challenges.

Drawn to Life

  1. Age: 7+
  2. Description: This game allows kids to draw and edit characters and weapons, encouraging them to use their imagination and improve their drawing skills.


  1. Age: 8+
  2. Description: Minecraft is ideal for kids interested in coding. They can create different mods to change game features, build personal worlds, and learn to code using Minecraft servers.

Trials Fusion

  1. Age: 12+
  2. Description: A racing game where kids can create levels and add motorcycle features, teaching them about physics and game animation through entertaining speed, crashes, and stunts.

Total Game Design


  1. Age: 7+
  2. Description: Scratch uses drag-and-drop coding features to let kids create animations, stories, and adventure games. It's an excellent introduction to coding for kids.


  1. Age: 10+
  2. Description: Roblox allows kids to design and build their games, developing coding skills and bringing their imagination to life.

Unity Learn

  1. Age: 10+
  2. Description: This platform is great for kids interested in deeper learning about game creation and computer science, offering extensive resources for building games and robots.

How Can My Child Become a Game Maker?

To get started, explore the games listed above and help your child learn the basics. YouTube tutorials and books can also be valuable resources. However, the most effective way is through structured learning environments like coding camps and classes.

Skill Samurai offers coding camps and classes for kids aged 7 to 18, focusing on game and app development, robotics, and STEM education. These programs provide hands-on experience with coding apps and tools, equipping your child with the skills to create their own games.

Discover more about Skill Samurai's courses and membership programs to give your child a head start in game making.

See more about Skill Samurai's offerings here.

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