Summer Fun with Unplugged STEM Camps

Summer Fun with Unplugged STEM Camps

Summer offers a perfect canvas for creating lasting memories and valuable experiences for your kids outside the school walls. Skill Samurai - Coding & STEM Academy for Kids brings you an exceptional opportunity to make this summer unforgettable through engaging unplugged STEM camping activities. Discover the advantages of these activities and explore the incredible learning experiences that await your child.

The Advantages of Unplugged STEM Summer Camps

Embark on a journey of fun and learning with unplugged STEM activities, focusing on exciting games, tasks, and challenges that exclude gadgets. Enjoy the benefits, including reduced screen time, indoor and outdoor activities, and the development of crucial STEM skills.

Reduced screen time: Engaging in summer camping activities acts as a natural deterrent against excessive gadget use at home. Introducing unplugged challenges, curated by parents, assists children in maintaining a healthy balance between screen time and quality family interactions. This proactive approach helps mitigate the risk of screen addiction while enhancing social skills with both friends and family.

Diverse indoor and outdoor experiences: Opt for the versatility of indoor and outdoor setups for your summer camp, whether it's in a park or on your own lawn. This choice enables children to immerse themselves in the outdoors, fostering a deeper connection with nature and new experiences beyond the confines of their homes.

Emphasis on STEM projects, games, and challenges: Unplugged summer camping activities play a pivotal role in highlighting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills. By presenting various challenges, these activities encourage children to think creatively and develop practical skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, logic, and creativity. This multifaceted approach enriches their learning experience, allowing them to successfully complete summer projects.

Experiential learning: Instead of relying on lengthy readings and video tutorials, children engage in independent, hands-on learning during summer camp activities. This experiential learning fosters a sense of self-practice as they explore new knowledge and experiences. Taking charge of manipulating and unraveling new things on the go enhances their personality, and the freedom to learn from their experiments becomes a crucial aspect of their educational journey.

Outdoor Adventures - Obstacle Course and Scavenger Hunt

Immerse your child in the thrill of outdoor activities with an obstacle course and scavenger hunt. Learn how these challenges not only provide entertainment but also foster creativity, planning, and teamwork. The indoor version, the breakout room, adds an exciting twist with problem-solving and mathematical computations.

Unleashing STEM Knowledge - Solar Updraft Tower Experiment

Dive into the world of STEM with a hands-on science experiment - the solar updraft tower. Discover the magic of solar energy as your child builds, designs, and conducts experiments, enhancing patience, resilience, and precise execution. Detailed steps and required materials make this STEM project an enriching experience.

You only need the following materials:

  1. three tin three cans
  2. Pins
  3. hand-made paper fan
  4. Wire
  5. duct tape

Here are the steps you should do:

  1. You need to take off all the lids of the cans and stack them together with duct tape. 
  2. Afterwards, at the top of the stack, made an inverted U-shape of the wire and attached it using the tape. 
  3. Add the hand-made paper fan on the top of the wire. 
  4. Lastly, place your project directly on the sun. And just wait patiently. 

Once the cans absorb the sun’s heat energy, the fan will eventually move on its own!

Small Business Ventures - Entrepreneurial and Mathematical Skills

Transform your child's summer into a small business venture. Learn how baking goods or creating ice pops can teach measurement skills, following recipes, and understanding the basics of business and maths. Turn their creations into a small business, offering valuable lessons in entrepreneurship.

Coding Adventures - Humanoid Coding Grid Game

Introduce your child to the world of coding with a unique physical activity - the Humanoid Coding Grid Game. Explore the basics of coding as your child plays the role of a coder giving instructions to humanoids. This innovative coding for kids activity develops their understanding of programming concepts in a fun and interactive way.

You only need to set up a grid using tape or chalk. Then, you need to assign who is the code and who are the humanoids. The coder is the one to give the instructions and directions. Then, the humanoids need to follow the instructions. 

In this activity, the coder’s main challenge is to give directions accurately to prevent clash and improper positions. If there are problems, the coder needs to “debug” it and fix the humanoids

Skill Samurai - Unveiling STEM Education Opportunities

Discover the STEM education franchise, Skill Samurai, located in Auckland, New Zealand. Explore their after-school care programs, coding camps, and activities that offer kids a chance to delve into computer sciences. Uncover how Skill Samurai provides STEM learning opportunities, whether with or without gadgets, including coding, programming, and robotics classes for kids.


Elevate your child's summer with Skill Samurai's coding camp for kids, where they can unravel various tasks, lessons, and maths tutoring experiences. Sign them up now for a summer filled with exciting unplugged STEM adventures that blend learning and fun seamlessly.

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