Nurturing Future Careers: How and When to Have a Career Conversation with Your Child

Nurturing Future Careers: How and When to Have a Career Conversation with Your Child

Guiding your child toward a future career can be overwhelming, especially when they seem unresponsive to your advice. However, choosing the right moment and approach can make these conversations more productive and less stressful. Here are some strategies for having meaningful career discussions with your child.

Tips for Effective Career Conversations

Pick the Right Moment

Choosing a relaxed time for both you and your child is crucial. Avoid times of tension or distraction. If your child seems uninterested or tense, it's better to try again later.

Start with General Questions

Begin the conversation with open-ended questions. This helps avoid making your child feel pressured or cornered. Explore a variety of ideas without putting them on the spot.

Focus on Their Interests

After some general discussion, guide the conversation towards their interests, strengths, and values. If they don't have a specific career in mind, help them identify broad areas of interest and explore related options.

Discuss Career Needs and Wants

Talk about what they need or want from a career, such as financial stability, job security, or opportunities for personal growth. This can help narrow down potential career paths.

Encourage Skill Development

Promote activities that build valuable skills, such as part-time work, hobbies, or sports. Many skills sought by employers are developed through these experiences.

Annual Subject Choice Review

Each year, discuss their subject choices. Determine whether they prefer to keep their options open or have a specific career goal that requires certain subjects.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Avoid Imposing Your Ideas

Instead of dictating, ask questions to clarify their thoughts. For example, "This is a desk job, but you mentioned wanting to meet different people regularly. Does that matter?"

Avoid Discouraging Comments

Negative remarks like "That's not right for you" can be off-putting. Instead, explore their reasoning and help them discover if their choice aligns with their interests and abilities.

Avoid Forcing the Conversation

If your child is unresponsive, try again another time. Make it clear that you're always available to talk when they're ready.

Ideal Times for Career Conversations

In the Car

Car rides offer a unique opportunity for casual chats about careers. It can be easier for your child to open up when they don't feel the full focus is on them.

  1. "If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?"
  2. "What would you like to do after finishing school?"

While Watching TV

Certain TV shows can spark career conversations. For example:

  1. Crime Stoppers: "The police deal with tough situations. Could you handle that?"
  2. Grey's Anatomy: "This show might not reflect real life for doctors and nurses. Real-life experience is essential."
  3. Australia's Next Top Model: "These girls put in a lot of effort. Could you see yourself doing that?"

During Meals

Ease into the conversation by sharing your experiences or observations.

  1. "The kid next door is starting an apprenticeship. I wonder how he chose that?"
  2. "My parents suggested teaching, but I've always been interested in landscaping. Maybe I'll pursue it someday."

While Playing Sports or Outdoors

Outdoor activities can also be a good time to talk about careers without making it a serious discussion.

  1. "Wouldn't it be great to work outdoors, especially on a day like today?"
  2. "Sports can balance out a desk job!"

At Subject Choice Time

Help them consider their future by asking open-ended questions about their subject choices.

  1. "What subjects do you enjoy? Why?"
  2. "What jobs can your favourite subject lead to?"
  3. "What's your dream job? What subjects would help you achieve that?"

When Friends are Over

Having career discussions with your child's friends present can diffuse the pressure. Ask their friends about their future plans and let your child listen.

  1. "What are your favourite subjects? Why?"
  2. "What are your plans after school?"
  3. "Have you done any work experience? How was it?"

Encouraging Coding for Kids in Auckland

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Information courtesy of Education Victoria

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