Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer- Get certified while in High School

Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer- Get certified while in High School

Become a Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer

The Path to a Secure Future in the Cloud

In the digital age, cloud security is paramount, and the role of a Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer is crucial. These professionals are tasked with crafting and managing a secure infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), encompassing identity and access management, regulatory compliance, and data protection. With an attractive salary range of AUD 120,000 to 225,000, this career is not just promising but also lucrative. 

Your Journey to Certification During High School

Yes, you read it right! Students from Years 10 to 12 in Auckland can embark on this pathway to gain certification. The Skill Samurai Coding & STEM Academy for Kids is dedicated to providing comprehensive 'Coding for Kids in Auckland' and 'Maths Tuition Auckland' to foster the next generation of security experts.

What You Will Master

Our courses are meticulously designed to prepare students for the certification exam. Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Google Cloud Platform Basics: Dive into the essentials of GCP, from Kubernetes Engine to BigQuery and everything in between.
  2. GCP Configuration: Learn to set up and manage GCP projects, including resource monitoring and budgeting.
  3. Cloud Infrastructure Design: Apply design principles to real-world scenarios, focusing on security and compliance.
  4. System Operations on GCP: Get to grips with the operations features of GCP and traffic management.
  5. Access and Security Management: Gain proficiency in using GCP’s security tools and manage identities and logs effectively.
  6. Virtual Private Cloud Implementation: Experience creating a network infrastructure with GCP's interfaces.
  7. Google Cloud Infrastructure Management: Monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your GCP app infrastructure with ease.

How to Get Started

Enrolling in the Skill Samurai Career Ready Program is your first step towards certification. Check out our 'Career Certification Webpage' for details on enrolment.

Tailored Training for Kiwi Students

This certification is ideal for Kiwi students in Years 10-12, offering a blend of online and face-to-face coaching. With a personal teacher, virtual classrooms, and a supportive Facebook group, learning is engaging and interactive. Missed a session? Our video curriculum has got you covered.

Flexible Learning, Real-World Practice

Skill Samurai's live sandbox software environments eliminate the need for additional software purchases, allowing students to practice risk-free. Unsure about which certification to choose? Our introductory courses will help you navigate through various tech career options.

Take the Next Step

Don't wait until university. Start your journey to a thriving tech career with Skill Samurai now, debt-free. For more insights, join our instant webinar replay.

Skill Samurai is committed to empowering Auckland's youth with 'Coding for Kids in Auckland' and 'Maths Tuition Auckland'—key stepping stones to becoming a Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer.

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