Empowering Future Developers: AZ-204 Certification for High School Students

Empowering Future Developers: AZ-204 Certification for High School Students

Introduction to Azure Development: Your Gateway to a Cloud Career

Do you know about AZ-204: Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification? It's a pathway for young aspiring developers to master the intricacies of cloud development on Microsoft Azure. This certification is not just for professionals; high school students from Years 10 to 12 in Auckland can also embark on this journey, paving their way to becoming skilled Azure developers.

Who Should Consider AZ-204 Certification?

This certification is ideal for those with a passion for software development and a keen interest in Microsoft Azure. It's a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the skills to design, build, test, and maintain cloud applications and services. The course is an excellent fit for students looking to dive deep into Azure development, working alongside cloud solution architects, administrators, and cloud DBAs.

The Learning Path: What to Expect in the Course

Embarking on the AZ-204 certification journey, you will:

  1. Get Started with Azure App Service: Learn to set up websites and applications, deploy and monitor Web Apps, and navigate the Azure platform.
  2. Master Building Containers with Azure DevOps: Gain comprehensive knowledge about containers and their integration with Azure DevOps.
  3. Design Innovative Azure Solutions: Develop skills to create solutions using Azure technologies for various domains like AI, internet, and messaging.
  4. Explore Azure Functions and Storage: Understand the utilization of Azure Functions and manage core Azure Storage for applications.
  5. Handle Azure Resources Efficiently: Learn to manage Azure Resource Manager features, design for Azure identity management, and understand Azure Operations and Logic Apps.
  6. Navigate Azure API Management: Get insights into deploying, configuring, and managing Azure API interfaces.

After completing these modules, you'll be equipped with skills like developing Azure compute solutions, implementing Azure security, and connecting to Azure services.

Your Path to Certification: How to Get There

Skill Samurai offers a Career Ready Program tailored for high school students in Auckland, aiming for 'Coding for Kids in Auckland' and 'Maths Tuition Auckland'. Our program includes:

  1. Personalized Coaching: Receive guidance through online or face-to-face coaching.
  2. Virtual Classroom and Community Support: Engage in a virtual classroom setting and join a Facebook group for motivation and track-keeping.
  3. Flexible Learning Modules: Access curriculum and programs on video, with the flexibility to complete modules at your convenience.
  4. Live Sandbox Software Environments: Practice without the need for expensive software installations.

Who Can Enrol?

This program is designed for students in Years 10, 11, and 12, including recent Year 12 graduates, who are eager to gain industry certification while still in high school.

Why Choose Skill Samurai?

With Skill Samurai, you embark on a flexible learning journey, free from the constraints of traditional education paths and university debts. Unsure about which certification to choose? Our introductory courses and personalized guidance will help you discover your strengths and set you on the right career path.

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Interested in learning more about how you can jumpstart your career in Azure development? Watch our instant webinar replay now and discover how Skill Samurai is shaping the future of coding and STEM education in Auckland.

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