AZ-104: Master Microsoft Azure Administrator Before Finishing High School in Auckland

AZ-104: Master Microsoft Azure Administrator Before Finishing High School in Auckland

Discover the Path to Becoming a Microsoft Azure Administrator

Are you a high school student in Auckland interested in coding and technology? Skill Samurai's unique program blends the excitement of 'Coding for Kids in Auckland' with the intricacies of Microsoft Azure Administration, offering a transformative learning journey. Dive into the world of AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator and unlock your potential before you even graduate!

The Azure Administrator Role Explained:

Understanding the Backbone of Modern Businesses

Azure Administrators are tech maestros who orchestrate the digital symphony of businesses. They manage vital aspects like identity, storage, and virtual networks in the cloud. This pivotal role is not just in high demand globally, but also offers lucrative salary prospects, ranging from $84,000 to $163,000 annually.

Your Gateway to Azure Mastery:

AZ-104 Course Overview

The AZ-104 course is your roadmap to mastering Azure administration. Designed for aspirants across various levels, including high school students from years 10 to 12 in Auckland, this course lays the foundation for a prosperous career in technology. It's a perfect complement to 'Maths Tuition Auckland', enhancing analytical and problem-solving skills.

Learning Outcomes:

What the AZ-104 Course Entails

This comprehensive course covers:

  1. Azure Services Overview: Learn about Azure identities, governance, and the creation of virtual machines and web applications.
  2. Managing Subscriptions and Resources: Gain insights into effective management of Azure subscriptions and resource groups.
  3. Azure Identity Management: Master deployment and management of Azure compute resources and identity management.
  4. Virtual Networks Management: Understand the intricacies of enterprise-grade virtual networks in Azure.
  5. Monitoring and Backup: Delve into Azure storage services, VM management, and resource monitoring.

Training and Certification:

How to Become a Certified Azure Administrator

Join Skill Samurai's Career Ready Program, tailored for Auckland's aspiring young tech enthusiasts. Our program blends the rigour of 'Coding for Kids in Auckland' with specialized Azure training, offering a dynamic learning experience.

Who Should Enrol?

A Golden Opportunity for Auckland's High School Students

Our program is ideal for Auckland students in Years 10 to 12, providing an early start to a thriving tech career.

The Training Experience:

Engaging, Interactive, and Comprehensive

Experience a mix of online and face-to-face coaching, virtual classrooms, and live sandbox software environments. It's a holistic learning approach, similar to engaging 'Maths Tuition Auckland', but focused on technology.

Get Started on Your Azure Journey:

Enrol Today in Skill Samurai's Career Ready Program

Embark on a journey that combines the best of 'Coding for Kids in Auckland' with the world of Azure Administration.

Visit our Career Certification Webpage for more details.

A Step Towards a Bright Tech Future in Auckland

Seize this opportunity to excel in both coding and mathematics, setting a strong foundation for a future in technology. Your journey to becoming an Azure Administrator starts here!