7 Best Programming Languages for Kids to Learn

7 Best Programming Languages for Kids to Learn

In today's digital age, programming is an invaluable skill for children to acquire. With the rapid advancement in technology, it’s beneficial for kids to understand and develop coding skills early on. Here, we explore why programming languages are crucial and highlight the top 7 languages that could benefit your child.

The State of Coding for Kids Today

Gone are the days of arduous, confusing coding lessons. Nowadays, coding is fun and accessible, with children of all ages able to engage with basic programming tasks. These can range from creating simple games to developing interactive websites.

Choosing the right programming language for your child can be a daunting task for many parents, given the plethora of options available. To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of child-friendly coding languages and added tips on making the coding learning experience enjoyable.

Top Programming Languages for Young Learners

Scratch Coding

Scratch Coding

  1. Scratch Developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT - Scratch is a free, block-based programming language perfect for children. It simplifies coding by allowing kids to drag and drop blocks to create games, animations, and stories, making them feel like true creators from the start. 
  2. Blockly - Blockly, developed by Google, is another visual block-based language designed for children aged 8 and above. The blocks help children visually understand the structure of coding while they playfully solve puzzles and challenges.
  3. Python - Python is ideal for children ready to transition from block-based to text-based coding. Renowned for its simplicity and readability, Python is a favourite in classrooms around the world, encouraging children to develop real coding skills through engaging projects and challenges.
  4. Java - For kids who love Minecraft, Java is an excellent choice. It offers them a chance to understand and modify their favourite game, providing a deeply engaging way to learn coding through Minecraft mods and customisations.
  5. Lua - Lua is a lightweight, easy-to-learn language perfect for creating games and apps. Its simple syntax makes it accessible for beginners and is used in popular platforms like Roblox, allowing children to design their own games and interact with a vibrant online community.
  6. C# - Developed by Microsoft, C# is used extensively in game development, including for advanced 3D games. It’s an excellent next step for kids who have mastered Java and are looking to expand their programming skills.
  7. C++ - For kids interested in a deeper understanding of computer science, C++ provides a robust foundation. It challenges them to think like programmers and gives them the tools to create complex software and games.


Choosing the Right Programming Language for Your Child

The best programming language for your child will depend on their age, interests, and aptitude for coding. Starting with visual programming languages like Scratch or Blockly is advisable for younger kids or beginners. Older or more experienced children might benefit from text-based languages like Python or Java.

Resources to Kickstart Your Child’s Coding Journey

You can introduce your child to coding with storybooks, picture books, tech toys, and unplugged activities. For a more structured approach, consider enrolling them in a coding school like Skill Samurai, which offers comprehensive classes for children aged 7 to 18, from beginner to advanced levels.

Coding not only improves children's cognitive development and problem-solving skills but also prepares them for a future where digital literacy is paramount. Start your child’s coding education early, and open up a world of opportunities for them.

Skill Samurai is offering a variety of engaging and educational coding programs. Discover more about our courses and how we can make coding a fun and rewarding experience for your child.

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