Easiest Programming Language to Learn for Kids

Kids today are very familiar with the technology. Even a 7-year-old child can open, manipulate, and play with their gadgets. If they can quickly learn these ways on their mobile devices, then they would also understand more about how the technology works. 
Mums and dads, why not take this chance to make your boys and girls gain skills and understanding about technology? 
One way to introduce technology to these young minds is through programming. 

What is programming?

Programming is the skill of creating a set of instructions understandable by a computer to perform a task. This process involves various programming languages associated with different platforms and interfaces. 
As your child learns programming languages, they would design and build programs, games, and applications. It would make them think and perform like programmers while carrying programming skills and other life skills.

Why is it easy to learn how to program? 

Programming sounds complex and complicated. However, children can learn it without any hassles through the easiest programming language to learn for beginners. 
Of course, you are not expecting your child to earn all the skills in programming. It takes little by little progress until they acquire the career-ready skills for tech jobs and positions. But as long as they started young, they would be able to quickly adapt in acquiring the knowledge and skills for programming.
So, you just need to find the easiest programming language for your child to learn first. Here is the list provided for your convenience to check which programming language suits your kid's likes and interests.

Game programming languages for beginners

#1 Scratch 3.0, Blockly, and other visual block programming languages

The visual block programming language is the easiest programming language to learn first for beginners. Why? Unlike text-based programming languages, the visual block includes shapes, patterns, and colourful objects to arrange. Moreover, visual block programming enables kids to drag and drop blocks that contain code, making coding so much easier and entertaining!
Kids are also visual learners making them solve and analyse problems through the images and puzzles they see. So, even if they are inexperienced with programming, they would still understand how coding works. It would even introduce them to basic programming concepts for future coding activities.
So, if you want your child to begin learning how to program, use the easiest programming language - visual block coding. You may choose Scratch and its other versions, Blockly, and other popular visual programming languages available online. 

#2 Python

Visual block programming is easiest for everyone, but Python is the easiest programming language for beginners, especially for text-based learning. Python is versatile to be compatible with various fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. They are also suitable for simplified syntax and primary coding languages. 
Through this, your child would be able to learn programming knowledge quickly. Then, they would also see practical life skills for developing programs. Not just that, through Python's flexibility and power, your child would also be very flexible in any computer science field. 

#3 JavaScript

Besides the first programming language to learn, this list also reveals the easiest programming language for kids to learn web development. It is none other than JavaScript. 
JavaScript is a programming language used in different interactive and complex web applications. It is very common to users and web browsers, making it extra popular in the coding industry. 
So, if you prefer your child to build web-based applications and two-dimensional games online, you will never go wrong with JavaScript. 

#4 Java (Minecraft)

You already know the best coding language for beginners. Now, you are about to unlock the easiest programming language for intermediate students. Java earned this title as it is suitable for middle kids due to its impeccable Java principles in Minecraft.

It means that the student to learn Java programming must possess an essential coding skillset. As they learn this programming language, they would enhance their understanding and skills of programming concepts. Other than that, Java would prepare your intermediate students for more complex computer sciences in the future.

#5 Lua (Roblox)

If you want your child to begin building apps, then they are perfect to learn Lua. Why? Lua is considered to be the easiest programming language for games! 
Java is for Minecraft, while Lua is for another popular game kids love, Roblox. As your child’s interests are rolling through game development, you could use Lua programming language for them.  
Lua is an easy, lightweight, and multi-paradigm language that includes several features. It is quick to learn for kids who love to build games and blocks. One famous game built from Lua is Angry Birds. This game looks very simple, making it possible for kids to create their own games.
Your kids would love to do more Roblox games using Lua, and they can start it by making an Obby in Roblox. Eventually, your child’s knowledge of game programming will turn to make fantastic applications needed in the future.

#6 C++

For your child to best learn about computer sciences, you should choose C++. It is known for being the easiest programming language to learn computer science. 
As your child understands C++, they would realise programming, software development, and other interface creation. C++ is ubiquitous, with applications to run on machines like computers. So, if your teens want to expand their horizons for programming, they could learn C++. 
C++ is not for beginners, but it is perfect for teens who want to learn more about computer science easily. They could even indicate this skill on their resume and curriculum vitae to prove that they can use the C++ programming language.

#7 C#

Lua is for games, but C# is the easiest programming language to learn 3D game development. If you want your kid or teen to build more complex games with three-dimensional features, they could use C#. 
C# programming language includes web applications, programs, and games. They are known to be the fourth most in-demand programming languages for job positions. So, if you let your child experience C# programming, they would use this as a career-ready skill.

How to choose the best programming language for your child?

Parents and teachers should consider the kid’s interests. They should also check the programming language outputs and crafts. Most importantly, you need to see the child’s skill level to align it to the programming language they need to start learning. 
At Skill Samurai, we are catering kids coding classes for all ages ranging from 7 to 18. Aside from that, we are also open to the easiest programming language for beginners aged 6+. You may include your child in programming classes for kids, making them ready for job tech and career opportunities. 
Start teaching them about programming today.