3D Printing for Kids

Another fun and educational activity for kids is 3D printing technology. They can try it on their own and build fantastic objects they designed! Through this, your child can keep up with today’s technological headways.
Aside from that, 3D printing gives so much potential for kids if they use it at school or during after-school care. It diverts screen time to screen-based activities that would allow them to gain discoveries and experiences. 
Before we see its benefits, let’s determine first the things about 3D printing.

What is 3D printing technology?

3D printing is a method of designing and building three-dimensional objects. It includes layer-by-layer printing using computer-created designs. Unlike 2D printing, 3D printing involves slicing to manufacture the whole model. This printing process is also known as “additive manufacturing.”
So, would it be worth it for your child to undertake 3D printing technology? 
Yes, it is!
Here are the main benefits of 3D printing for children.

Why students need to experience 3D printing?

3D printing is trendy and useful today in different fields such as medicine, engineering, and even computer sciences. A wide range of professionals uses it in various industries making it more in-demand. 
So, if your child starts to experience handling 3D printing whilst still young, it would be easier for them to access it once they have jobs.
Moreover, your children would learn how to manipulate these tools and machinery, enabling them to gain a new career-ready skill. They can use this skill in their personal and professional lives.
As they begin learning and using these materials, they are becoming more ready and proficient in the future work they would be joining. 

#2 It opens a unique opportunity to learn using a visual and physical representation.

Students would be very excited to learn using both visual and physical instructional materials. It would help them learn more about the lesson leading to a better understanding. In this case, 3D printery is one key to make the learning environment more fun, engaging and exciting. 
Through this, students would see and feel objects properly instead of just showing them through computer screens or monitors. 
Schools are encouraged to include 3D printing in their programs as it gives more life to the main lecture. 

#3 It enhances the child’s creativity.

3D printing requires creativity to design the whole object. So, as your child experiences, this technology, they would be able to practice their creative skills and imagination to bring out the design they want. It will also help them think logically by verifying the sizes, styles, shapes, and even colours of 3D objects.
This 3D printery technology gives an incredible chance for students to showcase their artistry side. Other than that, kids would also enhance their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) skills as they apply their creativity to the subject. As a result, they would be perfect for various careers like engineering, computer scientists, and software programming. 

How is 3D printery related to coding?

3D printing has a significant relation to coding and programming. So, if your child started to learn 3D printing, they would also understand coding.
Before your child can get the printed 3D object, they still need to follow the key steps and procedures to create one. They should follow all the steps including coding concepts. So, once your child digs into 3D printery technology, they start to learn coding for kids. 
Of course, the 3D printer is connected to a computer. Then, the computer must have software applicable to 3D printing. Now, your kid needs to apply coding concepts using programming languages suitable for the software. Furthermore, they need to accomplish the following steps:
#1 Designing. This part comes with the 3D design creation software. With an adult’s assistance, children create their models. However, there are also available 3D designs downloadable online. But, if you allow your child to make their model, they can use 3D designing applications. Through this, the kid would learn how to place, move, edit, and delete within the 3D world. It could also give them a chance to utilise their computational thinking skills preparing them to become great coders!
#2 Slicing. After designing the object, parents and teachers should again help the kids to slice the program. The 3D printer might not fully understand the whole 3D model, so you also need to slice the software depending on the printer’s type appropriately.
Like any other printer, 3D printing requires a file that contains the information needed to be printed. So, teachers, parents, and kids need to assure that the computer carries the correct and accurate file. 
#3 Printing. The last and much-awaited step for 3D printing technology is the printing itself. The process operates as a robot with a hot glue gun that is printing coloured objects. It moves back and forth, up and down, and side by side. Then, it builds the physical representation of the model from your file. It does a layer by layer printing to complete all the parts of the model.
Kids (and even adults!) love to watch the 3D printing process as it looks amazing how a 3D object is being built. 
With all the exciting and fascinating things of 3D printing technology, the most important reminder for everyone is for children to avoid touching any of the parts during the printing process. It could alter or damage the whole printing, so they are just there to watch and get mesmerised!

Where can my child experience 3D printing?

Schools may include 3D printing technology in their curriculum as it introduces project-based learning, coding, and STEM skills to all types of learners. Teachers and school administrators could aim to have their 3D printers or invite private organisations to teach 3D printing to their kids. 
Skill Samurai is a kids coding school with an incredible 3D printing after-school care program and a 3D printing kids' coding camp. Schools could collaborate with Skill Samurai to include 3D printing in their curriculum. You may schedule a call to an Educational Specialist to verify these additional programs for your schools.
Parents could also enrol their children in extracurricular activities for kids with 3D printing lessons other than the schools. At Skill Samurai, they offer fun and exciting 3D printing courses that allow a child to learn more about kids coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, STEM, and even computer science. You may enrol them and see how it could make them so excited!

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