How Kids with Autism are Thriving by Learning to Code

Code learning is for everyone: boys, girls, and all kinds of learners. Every child can master kids’ coding whilst acquiring its intellectual benefits. So, even kids with autism are very welcome to start with code learning for kids. 
But first, let me share with you about autism.
Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition where people with this condition experience challenges in behavioural skills, social interaction, persistent or repetitive actions, and non-verbal or speech communication. And each person with ASD is unique and varies in the type and severity of their symptoms, which is why autism is a spectrum disorder. Autism can be diagnosed at any age but since it is a developmental condition, symptoms usually flourish as early as the first two years of life.
But with this condition, people with autism can show exceptional skills and talents that normal people don’t have. They can excel in any field they choose like music, arts, sciences, maths, and even computer science.
This is why it is also a great advantage for children with autism to attend and learn about coding. Why? They can be incredibly fond of logic, math, and spatial reasoning, which cover a huge part of computer sciences!
Through this, kids with autism will indeed love programming for kids. Other than that, they could even excel in all their activities and coding tasks as they showcase their intellectual skills in different STEM subjects like coding for kids. 
To make an excellent educational plan for your child, you need to familiarise yourself with the significant relationship between kids with autism and learning to code for kids. Here is a guide that you can use to help your children with autism to learn about programming and to enlighten your kids’ future education and career. 

How are kids coding classes suitable for children with autism?

Today’s technological advancements require a stronger skilled and more experienced tech workforce. Many companies are in demand of individuals with computer science backgrounds. To meet this growing demand for employees with computer skills, schools, and institutions started coding and STEM education programs for everyone, even children with special needs. 
Students with special needs like kids with autism are highly prominent with the right skills related to kids coding. 
Check out the top 3 characteristics of code learning for kids that are well-suited to children with autism.

Coding requires logical thinking.

Children with autism are usually excellent in maths than those people without Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Maths and logic are the skills they can showcase. Aside from that, children with autism typically possess left-brain dominance which indicates strong logical thinking skills perfect for programming. Through this, they can understand various coding concepts including repetition, precision, databases, and analytics. 


Most of the kids with autism are very organized and systematic. Children with autism do not allow their feelings or emotions to interfere with their analysis and predictions. Why? 
People with autism observe, gather, and understand the whole information based on credible data. They also possess a keen focus and a deep interest in validating information and building structure. Furthermore, they are always looking for data before concluding their perceptions making them more accurate and rational. 
This particular skill of accurate and logical reasoning is very important in coding. Programmers who do decision-making should also be according to the data presented to them to perform the task smoothly. Especially in solving computer problems, coders should verify all the relevant details before troubleshooting. 


Many people with autism are visual learners. They are known for their tremendous perceptual skills, systematic thinking, and visual interpretations. They can easily understand visual things like images, blocks, pictures, and even symbols to accomplish tasks around them. 
For instance, a professor and researcher who has autism revealed that pictures help her a lot to perform well on spatial and visual tasks. So, this is an example of how people with autism are great with visual representations.
Visual skills are very relevant for computer sciences as it contains various visual information. So, a coder is required to familiarise themselves with coding languages, patterns, symbols, images, and other visual platforms available. Through this case, many ASD children will be able to enjoy coding for kids and programming classes for kids. 
Through the following skills, children with autism have a chance to showcase their talents. For instance, an educational non-profile education in Illinois guided students with autism to build and design their video games. Moreover, one STEM academy also allows their children with special needs to experience machines, electronics, 3D printing, programming, and robotics
Would these children with autism be able to perform these incredible activities if they are not for kids coding?

What are some challenges for code learning for kids with autism?

#1 They have a hard time when it comes to persistence.

Kids with ASD could face challenges for their patience and resilience. It is because Some of the kids' coding activities demand strong perseverance to acquire the objective. Other coding tasks also require a long span of trials and errors before completing the project. So, it could be extra tough for all children. 
However, you can still encourage your child with autism using the reward system. Psychologists proved the effectiveness of positive reinforcement to inspire your children with different tasks they need to perform. You may use gifts, recognition, and other benefits that would motivate your kids more. Use these rewards and bonuses for their accomplishments and efforts on their projects. 
For example, your child completed a simple activity in their robotics classes for kids. Once you saw them nail the project, give them their favourite food or let them play at the park. If they didn’t finish the project but they exerted all their efforts, give them all the support by cheering them up or treating them with their favourite drink.
But then, a great reminder for parents is to give their full attention and assistance to their children. Through this, you will be capable of guiding your child with autism to their overall performances.  

#2 They have a hard time coping with their environment.

Another challenging experience for students with autism is their environment, particularly the classroom or education hall. They might not find the room pleasing or entertaining which could lead to unmotivated students. On the other hand, if the room is full of irrelevant decorations, kids with autism could focus on these items instead of the lessons. 
This issue could also happen at home. Your child with autism could immerse themselves in other things rather than listening to the coding class for kids.
In this case, whether they are studying kids coding at home, at school, or in learning centres, parents and teachers should consider the environment. It should have simple, well-lit, pleasing, and interactive features to provide an excellent learning environment for children with special needs.

#3 They have a hard time focusing on assigned activities. 

Kids with autism would enjoy project-based learning from which they would have hands-on learning experiences. So, instead of long reading and lectures, students with autism prefer to learn by doing. 
You could use different tasks and activities that would allow kids to enjoy themselves. There are some awesome picture books and coding books with extra activities. You could also use a laptop and mobile games to enhance their coding skills. Other than that, you could arrange unplugged coding activities or play with robots and tech coding toys.
Through these amazing materials and tasks, your child with autism would have a fun and fantastic code learning experience!

How to improve code learning for kids with autism?

Skill Samurai is a kids coding school that offers STEM, kids coding, and computer classes for kids. Boys, girls, and every learner ages 7 to 18 are open to experiencing kids coding classes. With Skill Samurai, your child would master programming skills and familiarise with basic concepts of coding. 
Kids with autism are rightful to get the best coding and STEM education, so they are very welcome to undergo after school care program with Skill Samurai. 
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