Essential Skills that Kids Need for the 21st Century

Your child is a 21st Century learner. To keep up with today’s technological advancement, they need to get equipped with the skills for this modern time. If not, they might lose some incredible opportunities that await them in the future. 
But, what skills do they require to acquire as a modern learner?
Before unlocking these in-demand skills, let’s first reveal the qualities of 21st Century learners. Through this, you will see what necessary training and activities you can provide them.

Who are 21st Century learners?

The new generation of students that began with educational technology is known as the 21st Century learners. They receive teaching approaches and strategies using digital technology to achieve higher academic standards needed by society. 
People have high expectations for these 21st-century learners as they are being trained in becoming lifelong learners. At the same time, these students are also labeled to be active, energetic, and enthusiastic about various activities and challenges. Furthermore, these learners are involved whilst the school nurtures them through project-based learning
Unlike the traditional learning approach, project-based learning allows students to learn things by themselves. The teacher is not the only source of information, but mostly everyone and anything that is used for observing, performing experiments, and analysing data.
Your children are a massive part of the 21st-century learning system, making them modern learners. In this case, parents, teachers, and members of society greatly influence molding the future of these 21st Century learners. 
So, what are the skills you need to input to these learners to come along with the fast-moving technology?

Essential Skills for a 21st Century Learner

#1 Problem Solving

Your children should embody strong problem-solving skills. It will help them to prepare for any circumstances they may face along the way. If they master this skill, they would be able to handle such complex situations. Through this, they are more complex and capable of managing every conflict, whether in their personal or professional life.
Other than that, if kids are problem-solvers at a young age, they would be able to take the initiative, enjoy risks, make mistakes, and even work under higher supervision. 
Today, individuals should possess these qualities to handle things within the global market and workplace. Most importantly, problem-solvers are known to be proactive towards solving problems making the situation more manageable.

#2 Analytical Thinking

Kids should improve their analytical skills so they can develop their thinking skills. It includes contrasting, comparing, evaluating, synthesising, and applying without any supervision or instruction. 
Once your child carries these analytical thinking skills, they might achieve the highest digital taxonomy, also called higher-order thinking skills. Afterward, these skills would guide them to different organisational, synthesis, and conceptual thinking processes. 
Eventually, your child would be the one to lead level-headed decisions and development within themselves and their companies. 

#3 Creativity 

Another vital skill your kid should possess is creativity. To generate fantastic ideas and incredible inventions, 21st-century learners must enhance their creativity and innovative skills. 
The students are encouraged to develop unique, innovative, and practical solutions to society’s various needs. These young minds would provide rewarding tasks and meaningful projects that would help improve today’s lifestyle. 
Other than that, if children unravel their creativity, they would become capable of maximising their resources and coming up with better ideas. As a result, people expect them to achieve their goals, vision, and ingenuity. 

#4 Communication 

21st-century learners must also invest in improving their communication skills. It is an essential skill for them to communicate effectively with other people of various ages, culture, and levels.
Your child could get exposed to different people, making them more globally competitive individuals. Parents and teachers could help these young learners channel communication lessons and practices to provide oral and verbal communication training.
Moreover, communication is also positively associated with literacy. As these kids know how to communicate using technology appropriately, they would close massive deals and better personal relationships with others.

#5 Collaboration

Concerning communication skills, 21st-century learners are also required to master collaboration with others. Through this, they have a chance to voice out their opinions and ideas. They could also connect with other learners to perform better. 
Aside from that, kids with collaboration skills will develop more vital mental and emotional health. Why? Collaboration skills allow children to express what they think and feel as they are also capable of listening to others. Through this, they are becoming healthier, mentally and emotionally. 
Soon, they could use these skills to collaborate with co-workers, and then, with their employees! 

#6 Ethics, Action, and Accountability 

Being a 21st-century learner is very competitive. So, your kids must also get reminders of their morale, ethics, and actions. They should know how to be selfless, caring, and helpful to others and the whole community. Moreover, they should embody respect, recognition, and appreciation for others as they grow up.
Through this, your child would become prepared for any social and professional situation they encounter. Their personal and work lives would not suffer as they know how to be adaptable and accountable for assignments. 
Most importantly, at a very young age, you will already help them to become responsible with the use of their time, to the people they are interacting with, and with the decisions, they are about to make.
All in all, these skills are expected, in 21st-century learners. Why? It will help them face challenging times and also prepare them to solve problems immediately. 
Remember, 21st-century learners, should be inquirers, thinkers, communicators, knowledgeable, and open-minded. They must also be risk-takers, principled, balanced, reflective, and caring individuals. These other qualities would equip them for any career they will pursue. 

How would you prepare your child to become an equipped 21st-century learner?

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