Which Microsoft Azure Certification should I choose?

Students from Years 10 to 12 can already earn certification and apply for lucrative jobs after graduating. It is now possible as they begin training, lessons, and get certified through Microsoft Azure Certification.

What is Microsoft Azure Certification?

Microsoft Azure Certification is an open opportunity for high school students and adults to learn and discover cloud concepts, Azure workloads, privacy, security, pricing, support, and overall Azure services. The certification proves your knowledge and skills in the Microsoft Azure platform, making you ready and available for any Azure role-based jobs.
This program includes a total of 12 Microsoft Azure certifications with 14 exams. Moreover, Microsoft added two additional certifications making it a total of 14.  
Microsoft Azure Certifications is divided into three levels, namely Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert. You may take the level depending on your skills and experience. 
So, if you wish to get certified before leaving high school, you are encouraged to familiarise all the Microsoft Azure Certifications and see which certifications suit you well. 
However, high school students are encouraged to take the fundamental levels first before jumping to an associate and expert level. Through this, their minds will receive preparation for a more complex Microsoft Azure certifications.
Here are the following certifications categorised into their levels: 


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-900. It proves your foundational knowledge of Azure cloud services. This exam also helps you understand the basic and fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, including marketing, purchasing, and sales. You will be able to prove your knowledge on High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Scalability, Disaster Recovery, and the difference between OpEx and CapEx. Moreover, it will also validate your understanding with various zones, management, security, purchasing, and pricing.
Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (beta). This exam will manifest your prior knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It will also prove your familiarity with implementing AI and ML to Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, the exam will also verify your mastery in describing AI workloads, ML principles, Azure tools, and features of conversation AI workloads and services. 
Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Exam DP-900 (beta). This exam will determine your core understanding of data concepts for relational and non-relational data. It will also confirm your overall knowledge in implementing these data concepts on Microsoft Azure architecture. In this exam, you will showcase your ability to describe the core data workloads, data analytics, relational and non-relational databases, and data ingestion and process using the Azure platform.


Microsoft Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103. This exam AZ-100 and AZ-101. It identifies the candidate’s knowledge and skills on Microsoft Azure implementation, monitoring, and maintenance. Other than that, it also proves one’s understanding and ability on computation, networking, storage, and security. The updated version of AZ-103 is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Exam AZ-104 (beta). 
Microsoft Azure Developer – Associate Exam AZ-203. In this exam, candidates will prove their ability to design, create, and maintain cloud services and applications. It also covers the coordination to other associate-level certified individuals such as cloud administrators, cloud solution architects, and cloud database administrators. This exam makes a person a certified Azure developer who handles different support programming languages and software development. Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Exam AZ-204 is the latest version of AZ-20. 
Microsoft Azure Security Engineer – Associate Exam AZ-500. This certification verifies the candidate’s skills and mastery of implementing and managing security controls, management, and securing cloud apps, network, and data. Security engineers are also capable of cloud-based solution security and surveillance, making them more responsible for owning strong scripting skills, automation, virtual networking, virtualisation tech, and Microsoft cloud products and services.
Microsoft Azure AI Engineer – Associate Exam AI-100. Certified AI engineering candidates shall possess the skill in implementing Microsoft AI solution. They should be capable of handling speech, computer visitation, natural language processing, bots, and ages using ML, Knowledge Mining, and Cognitive Services. This exam validates their overall knowledge and mastery of AI solutions, its tools, and technologies. 
Microsoft Azure Data Scientist – Associate Exam DP-100. This exam highlights the skill set of data scientists in handling Data Science Solution on Azure. Candidates should familiarise the Azure ML application by evaluating, training, and deploying models to business problems. They should own skills in creating, configuring and maintaining data science environments to discover patterns and solve issues.
Microsoft Azure Data Engineer – Associate Exams DP-200 and DP-201. Candidates must pass the two exams, DP-200 and DP-201, to earn the Data Engineer certification. In these exams, they need to prove their ability to implement data solutions, manage data security, develop solutions, and monitor data storage, process, and Azure data solutions optimisation. As for the DP-201, the candidate should prove their skills in data storage, process, data security, and compliance solution to any Azure services.
Microsoft Azure Database Administrator Associate Exam DP-300 (beta). Candidates interested in cloud-based database system administration and management can take DP-300. It validates one’s skill and mastery of planning and implementing resources of the data platform. It also proves a keen understanding of the database environment and activities to perform for solutions and services. 


Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect – Expert Exams AZ-300 and AZ-301.

Exam AZ-300: This expert exam is designed to prove one’s expertise on Azure cloud solutions. It handles various IT operations such as security, virtual networking, virtualisation, identity management, business continuity, disaster recovery, budgeting, data management, and governance. Exam AZ-303 handles the updated version of AZ-300 to prove proficiency in Azure operations, administration, and development. 
Exam AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design still belongs to the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification. It handles the candidate’s expertise level on designing Azure administration, operations, and development. They should be able to create storage, compute, networking, monitoring strategy, security, deployment, and data flow strategies. Exam AZ-304 is the updated version of AZ-301.
Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer – Expert Exam AZ-400. DevOps professionals may take AZ-400 to prove their expertise in delivering valuable products and services to achieve business goals. It also validates the candidates skill in Azure development and operations process. Azure Developer Associate and Administrator Associate can take this examination. 

Why is it a good idea to take Microsoft Azure Certification?

The mentioned certifications open you to valuable job opportunities. As you get certified, you can start applying for different companies and businesses. Moreover, Microsoft Azure certified, skilled, and expert individuals are in demand today, with a 29% application workload among the cloud market.  
Furthermore, the application will give you a complete learning path, courses, lab challenges, and preparatory practise to prepare as a certified Microsoft Azure professional.
Most importantly, you are now free from taking long years in college and high paying college debts. If you begin accomplishing Microsoft Azure Certification, you can get skilled, expert, and a certified professional.

How can I take Microsoft Azure Certifications?

As mentioned above, high school students, teens, and school-leavers are very welcome to start with the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exams. Once you selected the fundamental certification exam and earned your certification, you can move forward to the next certifications. Through this, you will prepare yourself for the associate and expert level certification exams. 
For now, earning certifications before graduating high school or freshly-graduated high school students are encouraged to pursue Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900, AI-900, and DP-900.
So, before leaving high school, you may sign up now and start planning your careers as a certified Microsoft Azure professional.
Get started today.

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