Which Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification Should I Choose? A Guide for Teens and School-leavers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification welcomes high school students from Years 10 to 12 to earn certification before graduating high school. Even the school-leavers can also take AWS certification exams to acquire a stable and rewarding career quickly.
In this case, high school candidates can start learning, familiarising, and mastering the AWS platform. Afterward, they can use this knowledge and skills to different companies they are about to take a job.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification proves a candidate’s mastery and expertise in practical innovation using AWS. It also validates the credibility, confidence, and credentials of utilising AWS to lead cloud initiatives. So, AWS certification verifies high school candidates’ skills and knowledge as they are working with AWS services and solutions, including cloud management, security, and architecture.

Which Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification is the best for me?

AWS certifications include 12 certifications on different levels such as foundational, associate-level, professional-level, and specialty certifications. To become a certified AWS professional, you may start from the beginning learning paths and choose three associate-level certificates. Then, you can select from two professional certifications and choose among the six specialty certifications. 
But then, you can still experience all the AWS certifications depending on your needs and preferences. 
However, high school students are highly recommended to take the fundamentals or the foundational level to build their AWS basic concepts and principles. Afterwards, they can continue with the next levels and become a certified AWS professional.
Here is the complete list of the AWS certifications you may pursue for you to see the following certifications.

Foundational Certifications

The first level of the AWS certification is the foundational level. It is the easiest and the beginner’s entry point to the master AWS platform. Students from Years 10 to 12 are the ones encouraged to take this level. Moreover, individuals who have no experience with the platform are also welcome, to begin with the foundational certifications. 
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. It is the most basic or entry-level certification perfect for high school students. It is also the newest AWS certification design to gauge an individual’s overall knowledge and understanding of the AWS cloud. Other than that, this certification covers the basic AWS architectural principles, AWS services, cases, fundamental security, and core deployment. This certification exam is suitable for beginners in the field of AWS cloud platform. 
Associate-Level CertificationsThe second level of AWS certifications is the associate level. After you completed the foundational level, you can now choose from the three associate levels. At this level, you will be able to enhance your skills and apply the concepts you learned as a cloud practitioner. 
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02). This certification exam focuses on one’s experience and skill in designing distributed applications. It also validates candidates’ ability to describe and demonstrate management, design, and implement applications using AWS tools and services. It again proves one’s skill in handling AWS platforms and solving problems related to the plan.
AWS Certified Developer – Associate. In this exam, candidates will showcase their knowledge and capabilities in AWS-based applications’ development and maintenance. Moreover, candidates must also prove their familiarisation in writing actual code relating to AWS software and applications. So, the exam will validate their working knowledge of AWS databases, workflow services, management, and notifications.
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate. Candidates on this certification should master the necessary knowledge and skills to become system administrators. So, the test will verify their strength and expertise in technical and conceptual knowledge regarding AWS platform. Having Windows and Linux administration experience is a great point to nail this examination. 

Professional-level Certifications

Associate-level passers may continue with the professional-level certification. They can choose their learning track depending on the associate level they take. Afterwards, they can now proceed to validate their expertise on AWS platform through the professional-level certifications.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. In this professional-level certification, the candidates must evaluate and make solutions and recommendations focusing on architectural aspects. The exam will prove their expertise in deploying and implementing applications on AWS. It will also validate a high-level understanding and mastery of technical skills, particularly in designing AWS-based applications. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate passers are welcome to apply to this level. 
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional. This certification exam covers operating, provisioning, and managing AWS platform’s related applications. Candidates will also prove their continuous delivery (CD) ability, fundamental concepts of DevOps movements, and automation process. They must know the basics, methodologies, tools, and overall production operations and automation.

Specialty Certifications

Those certified AWS professionals can also continue to pursue specialisations through specialty-level certification. They can improve their skills and experience and acquire a higher level of certification through this exam. Candidates who are professionals may choose from the six specialisations. 
AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty. This specialisation will focus on data analytics. Candidates should also have strong knowledge and background on big data solutions, including designing and architecting data for AWS services. It proves their skills in extracting data using AWS services.
AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty. The candidate in this category should own expertise and experience in performing complex networking tasks on the AWS platform. Moreover, this candidate must possess strong skills in hybrid IT networking architectures. This certification also covers the advanced knowledge of AWS networking.
AWS Certified Security – Specialty. This certification exam highlights the mastery of AWS security fundamentals. The candidate should have a deep understanding, effective practise, and substantial experience in AWS data protection and encryption, access management and control, identity, monitoring, infrastructure security, logging, and incident response.
AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty. This exam will validate one’s technical skills and experience in handling Amazon Alexa skills, including creation, testing, and deployment. It also proves the candidates’ ability to carry the role of Alexa skill builder. So, they must have hands-on experience with Alexa Skill Kit and intended programming language. 
AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty. Under this specialisation, candidates should prove their in-depth knowledge and skills in building, implementing, and maintaining machine learning solutions within business issues and problems. They must also handle data science roles, innovations, and the development of machine learning.
AWS Certified Database – Specialty. In this specialisation, the candidate will verify their knowledge and comprehension of AWS database services. It focuses on architecting and optimising database integration. Furthermore, this exam also tackles DB solutions, NoSQL databases, and AWS cloud-based roles.

Why is it a good idea to take Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification?

AWS Certification will help candidates to manifest their knowledge, skills, and expertise in the IT industry. It will also provide them with an excellent learning path and incredible job opportunities in the future. 
Most importantly, high school students will enjoy having an IT career even without completing a college degree or paying college tuition fees. Furthermore, students from Years 10 to 12 can earn this certification even they are still in high school! 

How can I earn Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification?

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