How to Support Your Child When They are Learning to Code - Coding for Kids

Does your child play on their mobile devices? Why not let them learn to code using these gadgets, too? 
Through this, you will be able to support your child in familiarising kids with coding whilst they are still young. Besides that, you are already giving them huge benefits through code learning for kids. You can provide them with a new learning experience that they could love and enjoy. 
Other than that, you are opening doors for their new skills in STEM education, personality development, and other essential life skills such as resilience, problem-solving skills, logical, critical thinking, communication skills, and computational thinking skills. 
Overall, you could bring out the best version of your child in terms of emotional, intellectual, and mental health if you allow them to experience coding for kids. 
So, how can you really support your child whilst they are learning to code for kids? Here are the possible ways to bring out the best learning experience through code learning for kids. 

#1 Teach them the importance of coding. 

As you introduce programming to your child, allow them first to understand its importance. Help them see the essence and benefits of programming whilst they are still young so they can carry what they will learn until they grow up. Other than that, avoid making this matter difficult for them instead of merely analysing its importance. 
Talk to your child about coding. Begin teaching it to them as you explain how the technology works. It will give them ideas about the digital world, which make them more interested in learning it. 
Aside from that, you can also give them examples of how coding became very significant today. For example, you may help them learn about Alexa or Siri applications from where you can use voice recognition and command. Ask them about their importance and help them analyse how these applications have a massive impact on people’s lives. Afterward, you may now connect the importance of coding to their real lives. 
Through this, you are providing new opportunities for your child to understand coding. You are also letting them acquire different skills such as critical thinking, communication skills, creative confidence, other life skills.

#2 Use fun and educational resources for code learning for kids.

You, as a parent, could also be resourceful in supporting your child’s code learning. How? You may use the gadgets available like laptops, smartphones, or computers, and utilise different online platforms. Popular online games, applications, and media are interesting for kids such as Roblox, Python, Scratch, and Minecraft. You can use these common platforms to allow your child to play games and build their games, too!
Through this case, your children will be able to practise their coding skills and enhance these skills. Eventually, they could try more applications suitable for their age.
Other than these educational applications, you can also purchase programming books to introduce kids to coding. However, to make it more entertaining, you can use tech games, coding robot toys, and puzzles to improve your kids’ STEM skills, mainly coding skills. It will give them a chance to enjoy new learning materials instead of pure reading. Through these activities, they will experience coding first-hand. 
These fun and educational resources will teach your child the basics of coding, and it will help them enjoy the whole learning process. 
So, instead of excessive screen time playing unworthwhile games or watching ineffective videos, you may encourage your child to learn to code for kids whilst they are still young. 

#3 Give them rewards and recognition for their progress and efforts.

Since then, the reward system is beneficial for kids. So, as you begin teaching your child about programming for kids, you can also give rewards, recognition, and extra appreciation. 
It will help children to become more motivated on each task assigned to them. Other than that, it will also help them feel appreciated which will boost their self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, the reward system brings out all the best performances in kids as it gives them pure encouragement within activities. 
What gifts or rewards? You may lend them more screen time or give them tech gifts that will help them learn more about coding. You could also ask them about something they want as a give so they will genuinely enjoy the whole learning experience in coding classes for kids. 

#4 Enrol them into after school care programs with coding classes for kids.

Some parents prefer to allow their children and teens to join extracurricular activities for kids. Like them, you could also expect better and more exciting code learning for your kids. It is more standardised and could truly improve your kid’s coding skills.
In Sydney, Australia, you can enrol your child in Skill Samurai. It is an after-school care programs that offer robotics and coding classes for kids. They also offer math tutoring, programming classes for kids, and robotics classes for kids. Besides that, this after-school care program also caters to different exciting code learning platforms to help your child familiarise themself with the basics and complexities of coding.
Children and teens ages 7 to 18 are welcome to learn coding kids through Skill Samurai’s program. Also, boys and girls can even start their programming journey with Skill Samurai. 
Skill Samurai as a kids coding school is perfect for primary school to teach computer sciences foundations. It is also suitable for middle school to experience specialisation in web development, designing, and engineering. Other than that, high school students can also earn certifications to prepare them for college, industry, or careers. 
Through these programs, your child would excel in their coding skills and help them plan for their future education and job. 
So, if you really want to support your child and help them acquire valuable skills in programming, you can sign up now with Skill Samurai.

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