How to Manage Screen Time for Kids - A Parents Guide

Gadget-time is both helpful and harmful. The use of devices and smartphones can support your child’s learning and entertainment. However, excessive use of screen time can cause various scary side effects on their personal development. 
Too much gadget-time can increase the risk of depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment. Scientists also proved that screen addiction could also lead to speech delay and physical, emotional, and intellectual health.
Would you allow your child to suffer from these effects? Of course not! So, as parents, you must do some precautions to safeguard your child from screen addiction. 
Before it's too late, let’s prevent it right away. Through this, here are the possible ways to avoid addiction and to manage your kid’s screen time

#1 Make screen time worthwhile and meaningful. 

Encourage your child to use their gadget-time to learn. Instead of using gadgets, laptops, and mobile devices to play unrewarding games, they realise the importance of learning using technology. In this case, it will sharpen their minds whilst they are prevented from violent games online. 
You may guide them in choosing the games they will play. For example, you may choose applications that feature STEM skills or even kids coding applications like Python, Roblox, Scratch, and Minecraft. Using these applications, your child can learn the basics of coding and inspire them to create worthwhile games they designed. 

#2 Choose good content and programs.

Besides the games, parents like you should also check the programs your child loves. You must see if they are watching videos with inappropriate language, controversial topics, or focusing on violence and unethical conductions. You should protect them from these platforms because it could significantly affect their values and character development. 
So, you, as the parent, can advise your child to watch more valuable content. They can play with how to make arts, bake cookies, or even build a robot. It will be more beneficial for your child to acquire knowledgeable channels to keep their mind healthy. 
Other than that, some parents use gadget-time to watch STEM-related lessons featuring a computer, coding, programming, and further maths exercises. 

#3 Allow screen time when you are around.

Screen time would be the best you are around. It is advisable to monitor them whilst they are playing or watching using their gadgets. Why? Parents that supervise their kids can help their children understand different things online. You can also guide them in highlighting essential values and lessons on the game or video. 
Of course, you are not always available to sit, watch and play with them. So, you can only check your kids from time to time. Moreover, ask your children to use their gadgets in the living room or places when people are around. It is safer than using the device alone in their bedrooms.
In this case, you can monitor their online activities whilst helping them understand both the advantages and dangers of excessive use of electronic gadgets.

#4 Create a gadget time plan and schedule.

One of the most effective ways of managing your child’s screen time is using a schedule. Get a paper, list down the activities your child would do every day. You can list down the most necessary up to the least important.
Afterwards, create a gadget time plan with your child. Give them the freedom to choose which time they would like to use their smartphones. Then, remind them of the consequences if they did not follow the schedule. 
After asking for their preferred time, verify it and check it if itis reasonable to protect them from screen addiction. For example, has your kid exceeded the time limit for gadget time? Would this schedule affect their school work? Is the plan realistic? As you answer these questions, ensure that that plan would be sufficient for child’s gadget time limitation.
Through this schedule, your child would not focus on using gadgets all day! They would also enjoy other activities at home like playing with their pets, doing their assignments, helping in the household chores, and even learning using books or tech toys. 

#5 Maintain no gadget policy during mealtime.

No gadget policy during mealtime is related to the screen-time schedule. You also need to keep gadgets off the dining table. Through this, your child can have more meaningful bonding with the whole family. They could also learn the proper table manners that would help them until they grow up. 
Other than that, your child can also improve their communication and interaction skills with the family. They will focus on listening to others and bringing out some ideas, too. So, it will also enhance your kid’s social and interpersonal skills.
Instead of using gadgets whilst eating, your child can expand their horizons and improve different skills with your guidance.

#6 Sign up your child for extracurricular activities for kids.

Some parents also prefer their children to join camps, afterschool care programs, and extracurricular activities for kids. They enrolled their kids, and it made such an impact on these youngsters. 
In these programs, your children will learn different ideas, techniques, and master skills. It can also cover their intellectual and mental development due to the varieties of tasks and activities. However, these programs also cater to fun challenges that would make indeed enjoyable to your child.
One program they can join is the STEM-accredited program of Skill Samurai. It is available in Sydney, Australia to offer boys and girls ages 7 to 18 great coding and robotics classes for kids. 
Through Skill Samurai, your child would improve their skills, abilities, and talents in STEM and programming. It would also allow them to learn using their gadgets whilst discovering the world of coding and robotics. Other than that, it would also protect them from screen addiction as it covers more learning time! 
Would you want your child to improve their STEM and coding skills to prevent too much gadget time? Apply the suggested ways above and invest with your child’s learning opportunities like the coding classes for kids. Join now!