Benefits of Getting Your Google Cloud Certification Whilst You Are Still in High School

Students from Years 10 to 12 can get certified before finishing high school. The certifications open you excellent opportunities even though you have not completed any college degrees. Furthermore, you will attain an incredible skill set that will allow you to use it in your future careers.
Besides the efficacious and productive learning and job opportunities, your child will begin learning different computer sciences skills. Moreover, they can enjoy the following benefits revealed by Google.

#1 Receive Google Cloud certification merchandise for every professional level certification earned.

Google Cloud certification can empower you by providing an excellent opportunity to become a skilled and experienced Google Cloud professional. Before earning the certificate, you will achieve different skills, knowledge, and experiences as a Google Cloud certified professional. Then, once you master these careers, you can take the exam and earn your certification.
You may choose from different certifications, but you may also take more after finishing others. As long as you can complete the tasks, challenges, tests, preparatory exams, and final certifications exam, you can continue gaining more certifications. 
Other than that, you can acquire different role-based certifications ranging from associate and professional. You can also earn foundational level and expert level certifications. 
Whilst still in high school, you can prepare yourself for these Google Cloud Certifications and become an expert to the field.
Some of the certifications include Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, or even Cloud Practitioner.

#2 Build your professional network and engage with other certified leaders by accessing an exclusive Google Cloud Certified community.

Google introduces an exclusive group known as the “Google Cloud Certified Fellow Program.” Elite cloud architects, engineers, and technical leaders are members of the group. They have expertise in different fields, such as technical and enterprise solutions on Google Cloud and Anthos platforms. 
The group members can make collaborations from where they can share ideas and solve problems hand in hand. 
Once you completed the Google Cloud Certification lessons and passed the certification exam, you are welcome to submit their Google Cloud Certified Fellow Program applications. Before joining, you should master the basics of the Google Cloud platforms and propose alternative solutions to achieve Google Cloud’s goals.
Through this exclusive fellowship program, you can enter into a prestigious group of Google Cloud professionals. You will elevate their industry knowledge and skills and hone their expertise as a technical leader and Anthos expert. Furthermore, you will be able to expand your opportunities as you begin connecting with industry leaders and architects through this community.

#3 Receive a digital badge and a certificate to showcase your achievements on social media

Google Cloud Certification also offers digital badges after you accomplished hands-on lab, skill test, challenges, and activities. You can earn different skill badges depending on the cloud skills you mastered. There are only three steps for you to acquire the badge:
First, you need to select the challenge track you are interested in. You may choose, depending on the cloud skills you want to improve. Then, try to complete all the labs for 30 days and finish all the activities indicated. Finally, you just need to show your skills and post it on your social media challenge. 
Gaining this digital badge is a rewarding experience and an inspiring way to motivate other students. You could encourage other high school learners to undergo Google Cloud training and learn practical computer skills. Afterwards, they can also acquire these badges and most importantly, get certified before finishing high school. 

#4 Opt into a publicly accessible Credential Holder Directory created for the certified community and unlock the employment opportunities.

Aside from social media positions, you can also include your badges on your resumes and portfolios. You may also indicate your experiences on these documents. It will help the employers determine the range of your skills and experiences for Google Cloud.
Other than that, your certifications are incredibly useful in proving your Google Cloud skills. It will get the business owner’s attention and see your potential at a very young age. They could see you as a diligent and dedicated individual as you chose to pursue a career whilst you are in high school.
Aside from these advantages, badges, certifications, and credentials, this directory will give you a chance to apply for extraordinarily competitive and high paid jobs at tech companies. You can have a shot of showcasing your potent skills in computer sciences and hopefully get the job with a good salary and benefits.

#5 Get an exclusive chance to attend virtual and in-person industry events hosted by Google Cloud and earn more swag.

You, as a trainee can join virtual and face-to-face events of Google Cloud. You can enjoy different webinars and in-person lectures to improve your knowledge and skills in Google Cloud platform. 
Besides that, these events will also feature tips and strategies in various fields of the platform. You may learn on artificial intelligence, data management, productivity and collaboration, application modernisation, and other Google Cloud Solutions. 
You could also have a chance to attend lectures from notable Google Cloud professionals and experts and listen to their speeches. 
Students from Years 10 to 12 will receive incredible learning experiences to improve their talents and skills through this. 

#6 Receive a 50% discount applicable to recertification.

Google offers half the price promo for you as you pursue another certification. It will help you acquire a different skill set and earn other certifications. 

How to get Google Cloud Certification? 

Before scheduling your certification exam, you should prepare yourself regarding the overall Google Cloud Platform. 
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