Benefits of Becoming Certified in Microsoft Azure Before You Leave High School

Microsoft Azure Certification is not an ordinary validation of your skills and experiences on Azure platforms. Rather, it is a way of taking a new step into your life after or even before finishing high school.
So, before you leave high school, begin learning and mastering Microsoft Azure platforms to earn certifications. Afterwards, you might get surprised by what the future awaits for you. 
To make you imagine where Microsoft Azure certification brings you, here are the advantages of earning a certification today. 

#1 You can choose from different career options. 

Microsoft Azure Certification gives you a wide range of choices for credible and lucrative role-based positions such as cloud developer, administrator, data engineer, AI engineer, security engineer, solutions architect, and DevOps engineer. 
You can also pursue roles in developing, managing, and implementing cloud services in different fields and industries such as healthcare, finance, government, banking, or insurance. 
Other than that, you can also continue to take these careers in various remote locations for Microsoft Azure positions in US, Asia, Europe (France, UK, Germany) and other countries. 
Besides that, the various certifications can make you versatile and competitive for any job positions. All the badges and credentials you acquire will provide you with a greater chance of achieving a plausible career and profession.

#2 You will receive higher salaries with incredible job benefits

Due to the high demand for Microsoft Azure role-based positions, many companies require professionally-trained and certified Microsoft Azure professionals. So, they are willing to offer higher-paying jobs for you. The compensations are also impressive compared to other computer science and IT fields. 
Based on ZipRecruiter report, Azure Developers earn an average of $131,838 per year, and Azure Architects earn up to $144,866 as their annual salary. These salaries might also increase as time goes on, mostly if you have acquired Senior Azure positions. 
Aside from the developers and architects, Senior Microsoft Azure certified professionals receive an average salary from $40,914 up to $172,170 per year.
Through this, it is clear the future behold on becoming a Microsoft Azure certified professional. Whilst you are still in high school, you can plan these things out and prepare yourself for these high paying jobs. 

#3 You will have concrete, practical, and structured learning. 

Before you pass the certification exam, you are expected to learn the knowledge and skills of being a Microsoft Azure Certified Professional. Through this, you are about to conquer a substantial and proven learning experience to understand the basics of Azure platforms and services. 
In the learning process, you will discover different tools and techniques for handling Azure platforms and all its branches. You will also learn how to utilise standard tools like GitHub, Eclipse, Hadoop and more! 
Besides these incredible media, you might also enjoy these courses as it contains ebooks, tutorials, hands-on lab challenges, and other activities. Even the learning resources are readily available for you. 
You could master the overall Azure platforms and services faster, more efficient, and useful through this.

#4 You will get a progressive career development.

After you finished the fundamentals for Microsoft Azure certification, you can still move forward to the Associate level until you reach the expert level. In this case, you are improving your skillset and knowledge on Azure. It does not make you stagnant on your career but instead, generates you more learning opportunities.
Once you earn certification from one exam, you can also try the next fundamental lessons and take the exam. Besides that, you can also focus on a specific professional track. You could choose from being an Azure architect, developer, administration, AI engineer, data scientist, data engineer, security engineer, and other professional certifications. 
Through this, you can level up your game anytime. You can plan out the track you might take or see for yourself the best path you will enjoy. Nevertheless and whichever career you will pursue under Microsoft Azure certification will give you a great career opportunity in computer sciences.  

#5 You will mould to be a vital asset for any organisation.

Microsoft Azure certifications will prove that you are skilled, experienced, and highly suitable for any position. You could use these certifications to validate your abilities and knowledge in Microsoft Azure, making you the right candidate for companies.
Besides that, the certification will train you to be innovative, creative, and active in providing solutions to different business problems. Other than that, your understanding and knowledge of reducing IT costs and additional expenses will help these companies a lot. 

#6 You will be capable of providing better security offerings

To pass the examination, candidates must know the basics or even the complex ways for Azure security and protection services. They should learn how to do it properly to give practical solutions in problems within the platforms. Moreover, the exam will also check your familiarity with security tools and protocols.
Through this, as you become a certified Microsoft Azure professional, you will be able to handle the security issues very well. As a result, companies will be grateful for hiring a Microsoft Azure certified professional capable of strengthening their security services. 

#7 You will help business for an enterprise agreement clause.

Microsoft Azure provides an enterprise agreement clause to help companies in developing their applications using the Azure platform. Once you earn your certification, you will now have access to this enterprise agreement clause and provide a great deal for your organisation. As a result, your company can get the best from Microsoft services. 
Other than that, it also brings you an exciting opportunity for about 600 million potential Microsoft clients and customers.

#8 You will have better integration with the .NET platform.

Microsoft built the .NET platform, which is made as a programming platform. This coding language is the foundation of different applications created by Microsoft. Through this, you will have a chance of mastering this programming language when you become a certified Azure professional. 
Other than that, you will also encounter different platforms like Java, Linux, and PHP on Azure. In this case, you can work better whilst enhancing your programming skills and performance.

#9 You will improve DevOps skills.

Microsoft Azure certification also covers DevOps, which is one of the latest technologies in IT. Through the certification, you will learn various DevOps skills, techniques, and strategies to monitor cloud environments, develop applications, and automate processes. Furthermore, you will also sharpen your IT skills using the Azure platform. 

#10 You will improve your resilience and commitment.

Students from Years 10 to 12 can enhance their resilience in any tasks, challenges, or problems they face. Why? The process of getting the certification will teach them how to be committed to the assigned responsibilities. They will learn and acquire practical life skills that will hone their overall performance.
With that being said, teens who are about to pursue Microsoft Azure certification exams whilst still in high school are open to improve themselves. Eventually, this perseverance will guide you on any development you are about to embark.

How to get certified in Microsoft Azure? 

Before you receive the certification, you are encouraged to finish lessons and courses for Microsoft Azure certifications. These programs will help you prepare for the examinations. It will also teach you the basic and complex skills you need to master before you prove yourself to take the exam.
Today, several schools offer Microsoft Azure learning programs. One of them is the Skill Samurai career-ready program in Sydney, Australia. Skill Samurai provides a tailored and flexible learning path to guide you until you become a certified Microsoft Azure professional.  
High school students from Years 10 to 12 are invited to start with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. So, you can earn these certifications before or just after graduating high school.
If you are ready, let’s get you started now.