Minecraft Coding for Kids - A Beginners Guide

Minecraft consists of a colourful, exciting, and thrilling pool of games. However, it is not just a playing field for kids, but also a learning experience for them. 
How? Playing Minecraft can teach your child about kids coding. It opens new doors for them for basic programming and principles of computer sciences. Other than that, Minecraft coding for kids can improve their STEM skills, entrepreneurship skills, mental health, and personality development. 
Now, you might think that Minecraft coding is a lucrative stream to prepare for their future. Let’s see how it proves you right.

What is Minecraft coding?

Minecraft coding refers to using Java coding to input personalised items and elements to Minecraft. Programmers can design and build blocks, gameplays, and customised adventure maps. As they created these new gameplays on Minecraft, they can invite their friends and play along with the unique game they built.
Here are the usual terms your child might encounter in the game to further understand the Minecraft coding.
Minecraft mod. It is the short term for “Minecraft modification.” From the name itself, Minecraft mod describes the process of adding custom elements to Minecraft. Coders can make alterations and changes with this open-ended game. It allows the users to expand, create servers, blocks, tools, mobs, and any item they prefer to insert in the game.
Minecraft artificial intelligence. AI systems appear in each type of mob. It works differently on its mechanics and behaviours depending on the group used. For example, if you use passive mobs, you will flee in random directions. As for hostile mobs, you will chase the player as it comes closer to you.
Event systems. Digital and online games utilise events systems to track the game. It is the same with Minecraft coding for kids as the event systems monitor the game’s happenings for triggering and running some code for specific conditions. 
Spawning entities. Minecraft coding is capable of adding spawning mobs to fight the enemies. The spawning entities in Minecraft can vary in frequencies, pack size, and force corresponding to individual variations. 
Biomes. Biomes refer to the Minecraft world your child can access. It is a region in the Minecraft world where they can choose to stay. Biomes differ from geographical features which give incredible selection for kids. They can select depending on the heights, flora, humidity, sky, or foliage colour. Some biomes are the snow tundra, river through a jungle, Shattered Savana, warm ocean with coral reef, and so on. 

Why is Minecraft related to Java coding?

Java is one of the most popular coding languages in the digital world. It is well-established and commonly used in a variety of applications, from commercial to professional platforms. Due to Java’s multi-platform programming language, it is also widely available in both Android operating systems and Android applications. 
Most importantly, Java coding is the main foundation for Minecraft. Creators of Minecraft used Java coding to build the game. So, it is the top way to jump into Minecraft coding, too.
Additionally, Java coding is comfortable, light, and applicable for code learning for kids. It has a wide range of games for these young people, making it more fascinating for them. 
To familiarise some Java and Minecraft coding, here are words you must learn and teach to your kid.
Variable. It refers to the storage of information about a particular program whilst it runs. The items, blocks, and elements present in Minecraft are stored in variables.
Operators. It permits programmers to do calculations whilst the program runs. Operators are needed when a character earns experience or when an enemy hits the player. Through this, the coder needs to add or subtract the earnings to make it accurate.
If Statements. Certain conditions can generate through “if statements” Moreover, this allows programmers to execute code if some condition is met. Through this, the game will become smooth and rational. 

What courses can my child take for Minecraft coding?

Your child can take different courses that will enable them to showcase their coding skills. They can create, build, and perform programming whilst enjoying the world of games through the following methods below:
1. Minecraft World Designer. 2. Minecraft Adventure Design.3. Minecraft Modding with Java4. Minecraft: Advanced Command Block
Through these courses, your kid will discover how to create a resource pack to reskin items and block within the game. It will also teach them how to construct circuits and machines using command blocks. Most importantly, they will learn the basics of coding suitable for them. It will even entertain them to enjoy whilst doing the Minecraft coding.

How can my child learn to code using Minecraft and Java?

You can use many ways to teach your child about Minecraft and Java code learning for kids. You start them from awesome kids coding books, coding robots and engineering toys, maths tutoring, online coding for kids, unplugged games, and even enrolling them in kid coding schools. 
One after school care in Sydney, Australia that offers kids coding classes for Minecraft and Java coding is Skill Samurai. It also teaches boys and girls ages 7 to 18 in building their games after introducing them the basics of programming. Moreover, Skill Samurai is a STEM education franchise that caters the STEM education program to kids. 
With Minecraft and Java coding, your child can also discover the world of robots through Skill Samurai’s robotic classes for kids. Furthermore, Skill Samurai will bring out the fun and exciting extracurricular activities for your kids to ensure a healthy learning experience using online games like Minecraft, Roblox, Python, Scratch, and other popular coding games. 
It is still your choice as parents on how to build the coding skills of your child. As long as you provide them with quality education, you will shape them as a responsible individual in the future. 
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to Skill Samurai kids coding school to make it possible for your child to be a master coder today.

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