Coding for Kids - Roblox Basics

Roblox makes children and parents happy. Children enjoy the fascinating games whilst parents love how Roblox teaches their kids the necessary STEM skills and coding for kids. 
How does Roblox help child familiarise STEM and coding? 
Before answering it, here are some of the details regarding the Roblox platform and interface. Try to savour the information discussed below for you to familiarise yourself about Roblox.

What is Roblox? 

Roblox is a popular kids' game available across the globe. It aims for players to connect through the online playing interface. Kids love it due to the availability of 40 million plays in its library. 
Besides that, there are about 150 million monthly active Roblox users today. Roblox also achieved more than 3 billion engagement hours each month. As for the number of downloads on both IOS and Google Play, Roblox hit 383 million downloads. 
Through the successes of Roblox, they are continuously improving their services just to maintain a global platform that connects people. 
One of the exciting features of Roblox is its capacity to let players create their games. Roblox also invites players to design and build games using the platform. It will lead to a more significant number of engagements globally. 
Other than that, Roblox teaches educational and intellectual skills to kids, particularly in physics, mechanical simulation, 3D physics, and coding. This free educational and entertaining platform gives exciting learning experiences.
To further understand the main features of Roblox, here are some of the basic concepts you need to know. You can then share these details with your child as they try to play and create games on Roblox.


Robux is the main currency in Roblox. Owning Robux can let your purchase a variety of Roblux elements such as costumes, themes, and other extra collectible features. It also allows you to join monthly memberships. Other than that, Robux opens you up a chance for other additional game features. 
Just like other games, you can acquire Robux through your real money. You just need to give a payment and convert your cash to Robux. Then, you can now enjoy the shopping experience at the Robux store. 
Even though you do not have enough Robux, your child can still enjoy the free gaming experience in Roblox. Building games through kids' coding also provides free access, so you do not need to worry about investing money in Roblox.
However, if your child prefers to subscribe and purchase collectible items, you can easily make Robux money. 

Game Play Console

Roblox is a game console through its numerous and a plethora of games. The community has a vast pool of choices to play on their devices. As a bonus, the users are the ones to create a game for the community. 
Among Roblox’s 40 million library games, your child can also choose from different gaming categories. They can select from action games, role-playing themes, horror and thriller mode, or even comedy. 
Some of the famous games on Roblox are Natural Disaster Survival, Scuba Diving at Quill Lake, and Theme Park Tycoon 2. Your kid can also try working at a Pizza Place, or Solver Murder Mystery 2. There are also Jailbreak themes, Super Bomb Survival Mode, and Speed Run games.
Your kids can choose from all these multiplayer games. They can connect with other players and enjoy the whole gaming experience. 

Player Avatar

Another vital feature of Roblox is the player avatar. Your child can start playing with its starter avatar. Then, they can customise the avatar as they gain Robux currency. Through this, they can pursue costumes, accessories, and other items from the Avatar Shop. 
The player avatar can try different games, and it is different from other players so your kid can easily recognise their character. Moreover, the player avatar is essential to connect and chat with your teammates. It strengthens your Roblox community. 

Roblox Settings

Due to the massive community and wide range of Roblox access, you must check out the game’s privacy and safety setting for kids. It will help you protect your child from harmful players and excessive playtime or screen addiction.
Roblox created a system for parents to turn on and off the game’s chatting feature. You can also adjust your child’s account by setting up an age-appropriate game list. Other than that, you can also use a four-digit pin to lock the game’s setting so that your child cannot change any settings.
Other than that, Roblox added word censors to filter inappropriate languages. The harmful words will automatically change into hashtags or even unreadable forms. Through this, your child will be safe and sound while enjoying the games. 

Roblox Game Conference 

Roblox conducts Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) to discuss insightful lessons for players. It will teach users about the new updates, breakout sessions, and even seminars on further enjoying the game. 
RBC is a 3-day event that is regularly happening yearly. There are speakers, judges, and other game developers who participate in the event to help players and users. The event also conducts live Q&A for an incredible live conference. 

Roblox for Kids Coding

Roblox is designed for all ages. It even caters to both parents and children as players. But most importantly, it guides children to enhance different intellectual and digital skills through the use of gaming platforms. 
Your kid can encounter several learning opportunities in Roblox such as game designing, digital literacy, and even entrepreneur skills. It can help your child practise STEM skills as they begin playing various games. Afterward, they will be the ones to enjoy designing and building their games. 
Roblox uses the Lua programming language. Game developers in Roblox master Lua to create fantastic games and publish them on the platform’s library. So, as your child started their game projects, they can learn the basics of using Lua to promote learning to code for kids.  
Once your child familiarises themselves with Lua code learning for kids, they will be able to take the journey in game design, game animation, and script-based coding. During the Roblox app creation, your child will enhance their mental capacity through imagination, creativity, logic, and coding skills to build any game.
How can I teach Roblox to my kid?
You can install Roblox and familiarise yourself with the features of the game. However, if you want your child to receive professional lessons for Roblox gaming and programming classes for kids, you are welcome to register them into Skill Samurai kids coding school.
As you allow your child to experience code learning for kids, they will surely love playing and coding in Roblox. 
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