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Skill Samurai Expands to Elsternwick, Victoria with New Franchise Territory Awarded to Primary School Veteran

20/03/2023 - For Immediate Release

Melbourne, Australia - Skill Samurai Australia, the leading provider of coding and STEM education, is excited to announce that Jacob Gross has been awarded a new territory in Elsternwick, Victoria. With almost 20 years of experience as a Primary School Teacher, Jacob is a veteran of the education industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Skill Samurai.
"We're thrilled to welcome Jacob Gross as our newest franchise partner," says Jamie Buttigieg, Australian Franchisor for Skill Samurai. "With his extensive experience as a Primary School Teacher, Jacob is uniquely positioned to bring the Skill Samurai experience to even more families in Victoria. We're excited to see the impact he will have on the children in his community."
As a veteran of the education industry, Jacob Gross understands the importance of equipping children with the skills necessary to thrive in today's world. With his new Skill Samurai Learning Centre, he will be able to help even more children develop valuable skills in coding and STEM education.
"I am excited to bring Skill Samurai to Elsternwick and to help children in my community develop the skills they need to succeed," says Jacob Gross, the new franchise partner. "As a Primary School Teacher for almost 20 years, I have seen first-hand the impact that a strong foundation in maths and coding can have on a child's future. With Skill Samurai, I am confident that I will be able to help even more children develop these crucial skills."
Skill Samurai has experienced rapid growth since opening its first two locations in January 2022 post-COVID lockdowns, with new locations opening across Australia. The early success and growth of Skill Samurai indicate the appetite that parents have towards enrichment education. Jacob Gross as a new franchise partner further strengthens the company's commitment to delivering quality education to children in Australia.
"Jacob isn't alone, nearly 60 per cent of school teachers plan to leave the profession. Many are seeking to be in control of their own career by owning a business, like Jacob" Says Jamie. "Teacher turnover is alarmingly high, with as many as 50% of newly graduated teachers leaving the profession within their first five years - a period that is roughly equivalent to the time it takes to complete teacher training."
The new Learning Centre in Elsternwick, Victoria will offer Skill Samurai's revolutionary new product, MathCode™ Mastery Method, which combines maths and coding in an integrated learning approach designed to help children develop maths mastery with much higher levels of engagement. Alongside coding and STEM education, Skill Samurai offers an extensive curriculum, making it the perfect place for children to grow and learn.
The new Elsternwick location for Skill Samurai - Coding & STEM Academy, is located at
About Skill Samurai:Skill Samurai is the leading provider of coding and STEM education for kids in Australia. Originally founded in Canada, now in 5 countries around the world. Skill Samurai provides a fun and engaging way for kids to learn valuable skills that will prepare them for success in the future. Skill Samurai is committed to helping kids develop important problem-solving, critical-thinking, and leadership skills, and provides a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to each student's individual needs. Skill Samurai offers after-school enrichment education, school holiday camps and school programs.
Contact:Jamie ButtigiegCMO & Franchisor AU/NZ1300 726 872ua.moc.iarumaslliks%40olleh

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