Home-schooling? Add Coding to Your Child's Curriculum: 3 Reasons to Incorporate Coding into Your Home-school Plan

Home-schooling? Add Coding to Your Child's Curriculum: 3 Reasons to Incorporate Coding into Your Home-school Plan

Home-schooling brings academic flexibility and a nurturing learning environment for your child. It enhances academic efficiency while providing more time to focus on mental, behavioural, emotional, and physical health. However, you can make home-schooling even more engaging and beneficial. How? By adding coding to your child's curriculum!

Why Consider Coding for Your Child?

Parents worldwide are increasingly considering coding classes for their children. According to a poll, over 90% of parents are interested in enrolling their kids in coding courses, believing it helps them thrive in a technology-driven world.

Here are three significant reasons why coding for kids is ideal for home-schooled students.

1. Your Child Will Develop a Love for Maths

Who doesn't want their kids to enjoy maths? Maths is not only crucial in school but also in real life. Coding classes for kids can be the first step to getting your child interested in maths. Coding strengthens arithmetic, computation, and logical skills. It teaches children to observe, investigate, and analyse both abstract concepts and real-world problems.

Through coding classes, your child will practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They will learn to create and innovate, motivated to work harder to achieve their goals. Kids who learn coding can master maths more quickly, while those unfamiliar with coding might take more time to grasp mathematical concepts.

2. Coding is Fun and Engaging for Both Students and Parents

Coding isn't just beneficial—it's fun! You and your child will enjoy engaging activities that introduce new ideas and challenges. Home-schooling with Skill Samurai includes hands-on building experiences, digital puzzles, and exciting robotics activities. Together, you will bond while learning.

Children will also love programming toys and math-related games, further enhancing their skills. Popular games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite can be educational tools, inspiring kids to create their own games. Coding can make learning at home enjoyable and stimulate curiosity, encouraging children to explore more.

If you believe coding brings joy and additional skills to your child, it’s a smart move to introduce them to coding.

3. Coding Skills are Essential in Today's World

Coding is considered the fourth literacy, alongside reading, writing, and arithmetic. About 60% of today’s jobs require coding skills. Coding impacts various fields such as business, marketing, law, medicine, health, teaching, and agriculture. There is a significant demand for programmers and computer specialists.

Encouraging children to pursue STEM education can prepare them to contribute to future technological advancements. Starting with maths and coding at a young age will make it easier for them to innovate. Code learning for kids boosts coding skills, paving the way for better technology.

Coding Activities for Home-schooled Children

1. Free Coding Websites for Kids - Explore websites like Scratch and Code.org, which offer interactive coding games and modules for children. These platforms introduce coding in a fun and engaging way, suitable for different age groups.

2. Coding Books - Coding books provide a great resource for learning coding principles and activities. They can enhance your child's literacy skills while they practice coding. Check your local library or online stores for coding books.

3. Subscription Boxes and Kits - Invest in subscription boxes and kits designed for coding and programming. These provide regular new activities that match your child’s abilities and competencies, making home-schooling more exciting.

4. Hands-on Toys for Teaching Coding - Incorporate hands-on toys that teach coding concepts and principles. Popular coding toys can make learning more interactive and enjoyable.

5. STEM Tutorials - Consider STEM tutorials or maths tuition in Auckland to focus on improving your child’s STEM skills. These tutorials can cover coding, robotics, artificial intelligence, and game development.

6. Code Courses - Enrol your child in coding courses for a structured learning path. Courses from  Skill Samurai offer comprehensive coding education. Skill Samurai, a coding school in Auckland with global reach, provides excellent resources and courses focusing on coding, STEM, and robotics.

Choosing the Right Coding Setup for Your Child

Drag and Drop: Platforms like Scratch and Tynker teach coding through colourful, block-based activities suitable for beginners.

Closed Platform: Platforms like Khan Academy and Code.org offer text-based coding activities for more advanced learners.

Real Coding Tools: Advanced setups allow children to build their own games and animations, providing in-depth coding experience.

Combining these setups can create a progressive learning process from beginner to advanced levels. A concrete coding curriculum ensures a stable learning journey.

How Coding Classes Make a Difference

Skill Samurai’s coding classes go beyond typical home-school setups. They encourage learning through application and implementation, making education more engaging and effective. Your child will learn to innovate and create, making home-schooling more exciting and elevating their educational experience.

Ready to Take Home-schooling to the Next Level?

Sign up your kids for Skill Samurai’s home-school coding classes. Make home-schooling better and more engaging as you both learn coding. Whether your children are boys or girls, they will be fascinated with the world of coding. Your child might be the next star programmer of their generation.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Enrol your child in a coding school for kids today!

Sign up here.

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