Empowering Girls in Tech: Top Coding Programs in New Zealand and Beyond

Empowering Girls in Tech: Top Coding Programs in New Zealand and Beyond

Empowering Girls in Tech: Top Coding Programs in New Zealand and Beyond

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, it's more crucial than ever to bridge the gender gap. While the world may be familiar with the tech industry being male-dominated, it's essential to recognise that coding isn't just for boys. Girls too have an immense potential and untapped passion for STEM-related subjects. To champion this cause, various coding programs and platforms have emerged that specifically cater to young girls and offer gender-neutral opportunities. Here are some prominent ones:

#100 Girls of Code: Pioneering Young Women Into Stem

This organisation strives to inspire girls to delve into STEM education from a young age. By providing free workshops, they aim to equip young women with foundational coding skills and encourage them to embrace their creativity and innovation. With 22 chapters across the United States and one in Belize, 100 Girls of Code is truly pioneering change for future female programmers.

#Coding Girls: A Global Movement Closing the Tech Gender Gap

Starting with a modest workshop of 16 girls and one boy, Coding Girls has rapidly grown into a worldwide organisation. Their approach is multifaceted, including meetups with tech experts, intensive coding workshops, and certification courses. Events like hackathons and panel discussions further demonstrate their commitment to motivating young women towards technological careers.

#Girls Who Code: Building the Future of Female Engineers

With an audacious mission to create the largest pipeline of future female engineers, Girls Who Code offers a plethora of programs. From summer immersion courses that cover the basics of coding for kids to the College Loop program aimed at their female alumni, they're shaping the next generation of women in tech.

#Code Chix: Empowering Women in Technology

Beyond just coding, Code Chix emphasises female empowerment. They offer comprehensive courses ranging from algorithms and data structures to hardware and operating systems. Their hands-on workshops further sculpt a girl's prowess in coding, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in the tech world.

#Skill Samurai: A Beacon for Coding for Kids in Auckland

While Skill Samurai originates from Sydney, their coding classes for kids are gaining traction in Auckland. This after-school care program is gender-neutral, ensuring both boys and girls have equal opportunities to explore the wonders of coding. From using coding toys to hands-on experiences with popular games like Minecraft and Roblox, Skill Samurai aims to build a solid foundation in computer science for its students.

Boosting Girls' Interest in Tech: What Can You Do?

The coding programs mentioned above play a pivotal role in balancing gender representation in technology. So, if you're in Auckland or nearby regions, explore offerings like 'Coding for Kids in Auckland' or 'Maths Tuition Auckland' to help your young ones embrace STEM. Registering them in gender-neutral programs and coding schools can truly shape their future and make a world of difference.

Remember, every girl has the potential to code, innovate, and lead in the tech industry. It's time we gave them the tools to shine. Book a trial class now.

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