Discover the World of Coding for Kids with Exciting Robot Toys

Discover the World of Coding for Kids with Exciting Robot Toys

The Magic of Programming Robot Toys

When children lay eyes on robots, their fascination knows no bounds. But beyond the allure of these programmed companions lies a world of educational wonder, helping your child delve deep into the universe of coding.

So, what exactly are programming robot toys? Unlike typical playthings, these are tech-savvy machines designed for kids to command. They transform the playtime experience, encouraging young minds to think, decide, and understand computer science's intricacies. Additionally, they bolster STEM competencies, including the likes of maths and engineering. Dive into this dynamic world, and you'll realise just how delightful coding for kids in Auckland can be.

1. Mochi Robot: A Screenless Adventure for Ages 3 to 6

  • Embark on a space odyssey with Mochi, a teddy bear astronaut. Using coding blocks, young learners can guide Mochi on his stellar journey.

2. Robobloq Coding Robot: A Snail's Tale for Ages 3 to 8

  • Dive into the basics of coding with Robobloq, a snail-shaped robot that introduces children to foundational programming concepts in an engaging manner.

3. Colby Code & Go Robot Mouse: The Cheese Hunt for Ages 4+

  • Navigate the twists and turns of a maze as Colby, a robot mouse, hunts for cheese, challenging kids to think critically and logically.

4. Botley the Coding Robot: Obstacle Adventures for Ages 5+

  • Featuring remote control capabilities and online classes, Botley makes programming a tactile and dynamic experience.

5. Osmo Coding Starter Kit: Musical Coding for iPad

  • Harmonise coding and music as children follow instructions to create tunes, enhancing their computational skills in the process.

6. Wonder Workshop Dash: Racing Fun for Ages 6+

  • Dash Robots offer an exhilarating experience, blending racing elements with intricate coding tasks suitable for children aged 6 and above.

7. Bit Coding Robot: Art Meets Code for Age 6+

  • Dive into a world where drawing commands come to life, as the Ozobot introduces kids to foundational coding concepts.

8. Sphero Mini Robot Ball: Tailored Coding Adventures

  • A versatile toy, the Sphero can be customised according to the child's age, providing diverse coding challenges.

9. Edison Robot 2.0: From Basics to Python

  • Commonly found in classrooms, Edison introduces kids to the complexities of Python coding, supplemented by online tutorials.

10. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox: Building Meets Coding

  • An evergreen favourite, LEGO combines building and coding, offering children a multifaceted learning experience.

Beyond Toys: Elevate Your Child’s Coding Journey

Toys are a great start, but if you're looking to take your child's computational learning to the next level, consider investing in a structured program. And if you're scouting for top-tier maths tuition in Auckland and coding lessons, Skill Samurai in Sydney emerges as an excellent choice.

Catering to children between 7 to 18 years, Skill Samurai offers an array of programs, from after-school care sessions to dedicated coding camps. Enrolling your child here ensures a solid foundation, preparing them for a promising career in computer science.

Want to know more? Dive into the realm of kids' coding classes and explore the offerings at Skill Samurai.

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