Why It's Important to Teach Programming and STEM Education to Girls

Why It's Important to Teach Programming and STEM Education to Girls
Everyone can learn to program and enjoy the fun experience under STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) education. Other than boys, girls are also very welcome to take these courses while unraveling new computer science things. 
Once these young women started discovering the surprisingly awesome programming world, they might then pursue careers as coders, engineers, computer analysts, and even software developers.
But, how would these young ladies attempt to build programs, platforms, and applications? How could you further fire these girls’ interest in programming and STEM education? 
Well, it all starts at home, and eventually, at school. 
Before discussing how to teach kids coding and STEM education to your girls, let’s first see the main reasons you should let young women learn to program.
Reasons why girls should learning to code and other STEM skills 
#1 Your child lives in the 21st Century
Today’s young generation is born in the 21st Century from which digital literacy is a requirement. Thus, coding skills are already part of your kid’s life. Gadgets and other digital devices are labelled essentials that allow these kids to be experts in using smartphones, tablets, and even computers. 
The technological advancements of today also expect young people to learn its basic language, the coding language. If your son or daughter learned coding at a young age, they will become more adaptable and innovative to society’s current and future technological needs.
As for young women, you will open their minds to computer programming and STEM if you let them start learning early. Moreover, teaching kids coding to your girl could also stop the gender gap between men and women in computer science.
In this case, more females will be able to thrive better in the different fields of STEM and computer sciences. 
#2 STEM education and code learning for kids prevents screen addiction
Even though your kid is living in the digital age, you still need to control them from using their gadgets too much. Young boys and girls are entertained with these mobile devices that could make them use them all day. So, it might lead to screen addiction!
One possible solution to help prevent screen addiction is to use these gadgets as learning devices. You may introduce code learning for kids and STEM education to your boys and girls using their favourite online games such as Roblox, Minecraft, Scratch, and Python. 
Teaching your kids the popular games they love will inspire them to learn more about coding. It will also practice other STEM skills like building, designing, problem-solving, and even mathematical equations. 
So, instead of letting your girls enjoy dressing up and cooking games online, why not teach them coding and STEM skills using their smartphones and computers? It will direct them into worthwhile learning activities rather than too many unproductive games online. 
Besides the digital coding platforms, you can also use kids coding toys or tech and engineer kits to increase their interest in the STEM field. Thus, it diverts from unhealthy mobile games into a far more enriching unplugged activity.
#3 Coding makes your child brighter and skillful
Improving the kid’s intellectual capacity is the other reason why you should teach your girl some programming classes for kids. 
Code learning for kids is very beneficial to their mental development. It means that boys are not the only ones encouraged to learn to code. Even girls have the right to train their young minds with all the knowledge, techniques, and input from kids coding classes and STEM education. 
If your daughter experienced kids coding, they would gain practical skills and capabilities. Such various skills include problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and resilience. It makes them wiser and intellectually capable of other things. Moreover, teaching them coding and STEM education will hone their overall personality. 
Wouldn’t you like a child with a brilliant mind and a brighter future?
#4 High-paying Careers in Programming and STEM
Here is what the future would look like if you teach your girl kids coding. You might have a successful engineer daughter, or your girl might follow the brilliant female programmers’ steps! Your young lady could also be one of the greatest developers of apps, web, software, and games that will bring out incredible platforms in the future. 
Thus, if you begin shaping your young lady in programming, coding, robotics, and STEM courses, you are already building their future better. 
Indeed, these tremendous career opportunities in computer science and STEM are astounding! Please also remember that these jobs are some of the highest-paid jobs in the world. 
#5 Computer Science and STEM fields need more women
Besides the fantastic opportunity in the STEM fields, the world also needs your girl to help society and technology.
The population of women in the field of computer sciences and STEM fields is in danger! Female graduates in the STEM field are decreasing. Most of the courses are only focusing on men. Gender stereotyping in this career might be a reason. 
Besides that, even the overall number of graduates from the STEM fields for both males and females is also decreasing. It means that both boys and girls must be further encouraged to take these careers.
This issue could even worsen in the future, and one thing to obstruct this is to guide your kids in the career they could take. You should not push them, but help them see the benefits and exciting adventure of learning about technology. Strengthening the idea of ladies for computer sciences could start at home. You can help them realise that they are capable of coding, robotics, and any technological activities.
Take note, parents, and teachers; the whole world will need more women in technology. Females can help in innovating female products and applications to womanhood. These young generations of women can also inspire other girls to learn to program on their own. 
Therefore, if parents and teachers started introducing computer science and STEM fields to girls, they will realise the importance of women in all aspects of the community.
How can I teach programming and STEM education to my girl?
There is no shame in letting girls try the incredible fields of computer science. The only thing that is a disgrace is that boys are the only ones suitable for these careers. So, parents and teachers, you can lift your girls’ morale and let them thrive for high-paying jobs through programming and STEM education. 
Most importantly, you can begin teaching them the basics of coding and technology. It will give them ideas for this career. 
You can also enrol them into extracurricular activities for kids and afterschool care programs featuring coding classes for kids. Skill Samurai is a kids coding school perfect for their needs to open their young lady’s minds to the world of computers, programming, coding, and robotics. 
Register your daughter, sister, or any female friend to Skill Samurai for them to have a chance to indulge themselves in STEM education today.