Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer- How Years 10-12 students get a certification?

What is a Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer?
Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer is the builder of scalable, reliable, and highly available applications generated from Google tools and practices. This individual should master and maintain proficiency in one or more general-purpose coding languages. Most especially, Cloud developer is responsible for producing metrics and logs to trace and debug codes. 
Through all these responsibilities, Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer should own skills related to cloud-native applications. This person on the job can utilise developer tools and handle managed services. Familiarisation and managing of next-generation databases are also part of their job scope. 
Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer job has a huge demand in the market today. Due to its impressive help and assistance to companies, it became an extreme necessity. Moreover, Cloud Developing belongs to the top 15 highest paying IT certifications in 2019. The average annual salary of a Cloud developer is $127,353.  
Everyone has an open opportunity to get certified today. Google Professional Cloud Developer certification courses are available for any individual to get knowledge and experience. Eventually, they can gain their certifications. 
Other than that, students from Grade 10 to 12 can also join courses to acquire certifications whilst in high school. Even though they still do not have any college degree related to computer sciences, they can still get a decent job through a certified skill. So, Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer is perfect for high school students ages 15 to 18. They can now get certification and earn a job right after high school graduation.
What Will I Learn? 
Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer learning course can help high school students prepare for a certification. The candidates can also learn all the skills needed as a Cloud Developer. Moreover, the students will get the training through hands-on lab challenges and activities. Then, they can take the exam and earn the certification.
The course will start on an exam to identify the student’s level of knowledge. It is to make sure the student knows and uses it as the learning path’s starting point. Afterwards, the study will bring out all the learning paths.  
1. You will know how to design your GCP implementations. The course will enhance your knowledge about proper designing of GCP. It will teach you to deliver all the characteristics needed in a design, such as availability, scalability, and reliability.2. You will experience creating and testing applications. You will learn the process of building a continuous integration pipeline and other applications. The course will guide you to familiarise the process and create it independently. 3. You will begin to try the actual deployment of your applications. After learning all the needed information, you will now start doing the application deployments. In the course, there will be four computing services that you can deploy your code. So, you can get to experience these services. 4. You will integrate your application with various GCP services. The course will guide you to use GCP services to connect your applications. It will help you to integrate your applications using messaging services. Through this, the data will pass through one module to the next. 5. You will discover how to manage monitoring application performances. Students will get to see ways of monitoring application performance. The main track of your learning path includes creating the application until managing the fully built application.
Once the high school student attends and performs all the above, they are expected to acquire all the skills as a Cloud developer. Here the skills you must gain all through the course for you to pass the certification exam. 
Ability to design highly available, scalable, and reliable cloud-native applicationsCapable of building and testing applicationsProficiency in deploying applicationsSkill in integrating Google Cloud Platform servicesCompetency for managing application performance monitoringOnce they master all the skills, they can now experience hands-on lab challenges and other exercises. Then, a preparatory exam will be handed over to you. If you completed all the course’s learning paths and objectives, you could finally take your certification exam. 
How can I get training and Certification as a Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer?Enrol in the Skill Samurai Career Ready Program. For information on how to enrol, see our Career Certification Webpage. 
Who is it for?Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer Certification is for Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 (and recently graduated from year 12)
Did you know that your child can earn an industry certification while they are still in High School?
What does the training look like?We offer online, face to face coaching. You'll be assigned a teacher who will guide you through the content and offer you support.
You'll also be assigned a virtual classroom, and you’ll have been part of a Facebook group with your fellow students. This is very motivating and can also keep you on track. 
You'll have access to all of the curriculum and programs on video. So if you miss a session, no problem! You can always complete the module when you have time! This is also great, especially when you have some challenges (we all have them!) because you can go back to each module and watch them as many times as you like. 
PLUS, we have live sandbox software environments, so you won’t need to purchase or install expensive software, it's all provided for you! Students will be able to practice the concepts they learn in each module (without worrying about messing up a company's data). 
Even if you are unsure of which certification you'd like to sit, your teacher will provide you with several introductory courses to understand the tech sector’s available career paths. Together, you can identify your strengths and passions. From here, your teacher will place you in a career learning path to become certified. 
Skill Samurai offers the most flexible learning and career paths available. So, even if you are not sure which certification is best, get started today, and soon you'll be on the path to a thriving career (Without the painful university debt). 
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