Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect - How to get certification whilst in high school

What is a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect?
A Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect helps the organisation to support Google Cloud technologies. They are responsible for the leverage of Cloud technologies through its ongoing process. This position requires a broad understanding of cloud architecture and the overall Google Cloud platform. 
The assigned Cloud Architect is tasked with designing, developing, and managing solutions. This individual also handles secure, robust, scalable, dynamic, and highly available solutions to achieve the company’s main objectives.
Cloud Architects are necessary to create cloud strategies. They are also assigned to do both technical and non-technical skills. They are working with Cloud Engineers to generate better solutions. However, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is one who experiments and provides new approaches to business. Furthermore, they are equipped to handle enterprise, IT security, infrastructure, and operations development.
Lots of businesses are also looking for Google Certified Cloud Architects. Recruiters are offering up to $135,980 salary per year for Google Cloud Architect. Moreover, 57% of today’s organisations own a cloud architect. It is also expected that about 83% of organisations will need cloud architects. 
So, IT professionals who wanted to get certified for the Cloud Architect Certification can try this course. Other than these computer science professionals, even high school students who wish to learn the process of building solutions on the Google Cloud Platform are encouraged to join.
High school students from Years 10, 11, and 12 can be professional Google Certified Cloud Architect today through these courses. There are several programs offering certification for Cloud Architect. In this case, high school students are not required to get a college degree or any higher education. You only need to acquire the full extent of the skills and knowledge and pass the certification exams. 
What Will I Learn?
Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect courses help students of Years 10-12 to prepare for the certification exam. It provides concise and complete sets of learning instructions to guide learners through the certification process. All the training, exercises, and equipment to draw you up as a certified Cloud Architect are available here.
For you to see the whole learning path of becoming a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, take a look at the things you should look forward to in the course.
1. You will learn the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform. You will be able to handle App Engine, Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Firestore, BigQuery, and other app deployment platforms. It will help you familiarise the interfaces needed for the career.
2. You will know how to build and manage GCP. The course will help you determine the methods of building infrastructure and managing operations on the platform. An in-depth understanding is added to the coverage of the course. Cloud Architects 
3. You will experience the lab challenges. The course provided you with exercises for building GCP solutions independently. It will help you try the whole process on your own. Other than that, there are lab activities to validate your abilities for designing, developing, and administering solutions for Google Cloud technologies.
Other than that, you will also need to cover the six Cloud Architecture topics. These topics mainly pertain to the things you will encounter in the course. It will also help you further understand the architectural setup for Google Cloud Platforms. After each section, you are tasked to take activities and quizzes. Here are the things you will learn from the course.
1. Design and plan a Cloud Solution Architecture2. Manage and provision of solution infrastructure3. Design for security and compliance4. Analyse and optimise technology and business processes5. Manage implementation6. Ensure solution and operations reliability 
Aside from that, general knowledge of IT concepts is a prerequisite for this course. Once you have learned the mentioned courses, you will undergo lab challenges and training. Then, you can prepare for the examinations to get your certification. 
How can I get training and Certification as a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect?
Enrol in the Skill Samurai Career Ready Program. For information on how to enrol, see our Career Certification Webpage.
Who is it for?
Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification is for Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 (and recently graduated from year 12)
Did you know that your child can earn an industry certification while they are still in High School?
What does the training look like?
We offer online, face-to-face coaching. You'll be assigned a teacher who will guide you through the content and offer you support.
You'll also be assigned a virtual classroom, and you’ll have been part of a Facebook group with your fellow students. This is very motivating and can also keep you on track. 
You'll have access to all of the curriculum and programs on video. So if you miss a session, no problem! You can always complete the module when you have time! This is also great, especially when you have some challenges (we all have them!) because you can go back to each module and watch them as many times as you like. 
PLUS, we have live sandbox software environments, so you won’t need to purchase or install expensive software, it's all provided for you! Students will be able to practice the concepts they learn in each module (without worrying about messing up a company's data). 
Even if you are unsure of which certification you'd like to sit, your teacher will provide you with several introductory courses to understand the tech sector’s available career paths. Together, you can identify your strengths and passions. From here, your teacher will place you on a career learning path to become certified. 
Skill Samurai offers the most flexible learning and career paths available. So, even if you are not sure which certification is best, get started today, and soon you'll be on the path to a thriving career (Without the painful university debt). 
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Enrol in the Skill Samurai Career Ready Program. For information on how to enrol, see our Career Certification Webpage.

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