10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Python Coding

Python is a coding language commonly used for creating web applications, software, and programs. It also covers database systems, big data, and other complicated mathematics. Other than that, Python as a programming language is one of the most common coding languages for developers. 
Even though Python sounds broad and comprehensive, you can still introduce this language to your child. 
Would they be able to handle this coding language?
Yes! And your kid will also receive numerous benefits as they begin learning Python coding.

What is Python?

Python is the same as with Scratch, Lua and Java. These languages are the foundations of these incredible gaming platforms. They allow your child to master these languages whilst still young.
Here are the following reasons why Your kids should learn Python.

#1 Learning Python is a lucrative skill.
Allowing your kids to learn Python will give them a brighter future. As they familiarise with this coding language, they will be able to enhance their coding skills. Afterwards, they can use this programming language to pursue their careers as software developers, programmers, and even computer engineers.
According to a recent survey, Python developers have salaries that can range from $103,492 to $119,082 per year. Besides its generous salary and benefits, Python programmers are very in demand in business today. 
So, your child can also achieve this incredible career as you allow them to study Python today. Wouldn’t it be a fantastic investment? 
#2 Python is mostly used in machine learning, AIs, and different digital fields.
Python is also very popular in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This coding language is capable of hosting different applications. It also consists of extensive selective machine-learning algorithms, frameworks, and libraries. Python can also provide a simple syntax for more comfortable collection of data and problem-solving. 
Many developers prefer to use Python due to its compatibility with any platforms, particularly in machine learning and AIs. It is also a forefront coding language for AI innovation, making it more fascinating to the tech community.
If you want to find ways of teaching coding for kids, you shouldn’t skip Python coding. It will make their experience worthy. 
#3 Learning Python is simple and easy.
Python sounds complex and complicated to learn. However, students from kids coding school consider Python as one of the easiest coding languages to study. 
Python is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. This coding language has a similarity and resemblance with the syntax of the English language. Moreover, it also uses whitespace rule for cleaner coding methods and eye comfortability. 
Coding classes for kids also reported excellent results for kids who tried Python as a kid's coding starter lesson. Through this, it no doubt shows how effective Python for kids to learn programming
#4 Python comes with the world of data science.
Data science is an integral part of today’s technology. It corresponds to the vast amount of data and provides tremendous details and information. Once this information is generated and analysed, businesses then create innovative solutions and build other smart inventions. 
One massive result of data science is how Southwest Airlines saved about $100 million. With the generous use of Python programming, data science has provided data on reducing idle plane time. So, Python compels a considerable part of the field of data sciences. 
Learning Python opens an excellent connection to the world of data science. You could be very excited to see your child doing something innovative whilst using their Python programming skills today and in the future.
#5 Python has strong compatibility with different platforms.
Versatility is one of the strengths of Python. It is also considered the “Swiss Army Knife” of programming due to its compatibility with other platforms and interfaces. Other than that, Python is also available in different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.
The journey to learn Python for kids is an excellent step in encountering serval web and app frameworks. It can also allow them to build their own video game and master data mining and management skills. 
Python versatility gives limitless possibilities for your child to try something new. It is the right starter choice for code learning for kids.
#6 Python programming is in demand in the market.
Businesses are eager to hire programmers who are skilled and experienced in Python. According to a survey, 546,200 coding jobs in the US are open for Python programmers. Due to the global use of Python, other countries also need a substantial workforce for Python coders.
Python is also entitled as the fastest-growing programming language. So, it pushes companies to find experts in Python programming. 
So, you may want your child to learn how to code Python now. As they get older, they will be able to master this skill and use it as their future career. 
#7 Python relates to deep learning.
Deep learning is related to different applications such as restoring colours and videos, pixel restoration, describing patterns, changing gaze in photos, etc. This kind of deep learning is positively related to Python as it handles these kinds of features. 
So, learning Python opens a likelihood for you child to embody different skills and intellectual understanding through deep learning.
#8 Python coding tickles a kid’s imagination and creativity.
Graphics is another main highlight for Python. You can make beautiful game graphics and incredible images using the coding language. Through this, your child can design and create images and illustrations based on their artistry and imagination. So, they will be able to expand their creativity using Python.
#9 Python promotes technological testing and consists of a sweet library
Python owns a huge coding library. Some of these libraries are TensorFlow and PyTorch. Both can provide databases for programmers that will be highly effective for problem-solving. 
In this case, you as parents will not worry about your children on how they can test, learn, and master the coding language. They will be able to enjoy its overall learning experience. 
#10 Python has a massive pool of resources for newbies.
Python has various free platforms available for code learning for kids. Moreover, your child can quickly grab tutorials and lectures about Python coding online. Besides that, there are also small-group programs for Python coding for kids. 

There are kids coding school, coding camps for kids, and programming classes for kids available in Sydney like Skill Samurai for a more concrete and firm Python coding for kids. You can allow them to experience these coding classes for kids so they can master Python coding. 
Through these resources and possible ways, you can make a young Python coder today. 
So, sign them up now. We welcome boys and girls ages 7 to 18. 

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